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Tag: email segmentation

Harvard Health Masters Multiplatform Publishing

When you publish under the aegis of Harvard Medical School, your primary objective is not simply to make money; it’s to improve the health and quality of life for the general public. And protecting Harvard’s brand is of utmost importance.

Mequoda Weekly: June 24 – 28th, 2013

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Kaslik Joins Digital Publishing Hall of Fame

Bob Kaslik shares five keys for digital publishing success

Few people know more about digital publishing and marketing than Bob Kaslik. Since 2008, he has managed the creation, operation, and optimization of 10 robust digital publishing communities including Interweave’s flagship Knitting Daily.

On April 11, Kaslik joined eight other industry professionals in the Mequoda Digital Publishing Hall of Fame including his boss, Clay Hall, who was inducted in 2009.

3 Resources for Better Email Publishing

Tips on email segmentation, email engagement, and email creation

What is the number one reason to segment your email marketing list? According to some older data from eMarketer, the main reason behind segmentation is to increase open rates. That data may be a few years old, but the reason is likely the same today.

Sure, the point of email marketing is to ultimately generate revenue through sales, but without opens, none of your products will get sold. The interesting thing about segmenting is the connection it has with email engagement and email creation.

Tips From SIPA UK Lead to Sessions in Miami

Tips From SIPA UK Conference Become Session Starters for Miami Meeting

David Foster, CEO of BVR in Portland, Ore., sat in on the marketing directors’ roundtable at July’s SIPA UK Conference in London, and sent back some thoughts from the participants. We’ve now added interesting tie-ins to sessions at the Annual Marketing Conference in Miami. It’s exciting when Conferences build off each other.

1. When hiring, be sure to check the prospective staff member’s use of social media. Particularly for marketing staff, if they’re not present on LinkedIn or Facebook or something else, they probably aren’t going to adapt to your program. Plus, you’ll know more about what kind of people they are.