Mequoda Weekly: June 24 – 28th, 2013

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Strategy The Best SEO Keyword Strategy – Picking SEO Keyword Fights You Can Win

by Don Nicholas on June 24, 2013

All SEO keywords are not equally important—volume and competition matter!

The most effective SEO keyword strategy is to compete vigorously for top placement for the most popular keyword suggestions returned by the Google Keyword Tool for a given root keyword phrase (Primary Keyword Phrase). … Continue

Magazines Is Digital Advertising a Bust? 6 Ways to Fight Conventional Wisdom

by Mary Van Doren on June 25, 2013

The only subject in the industry media invoking more hand-wringing than the future of digital publishing is the future of digital advertising.

But if you look really, really hard, you can find the occasional glimmer of hope. For example, a recent article from eMarketer proclaims, “Significantly more unique brands in the US are placing ads across … Continue


Email Savvy Email Segmentation Wins at New York Magazine

by Amanda MacArthur on June 26, 2013

New York magazine has become one of our favorites around here. And not just because their iPad app is one of the more innovative ones we’ve seen, but also because we keep watching them innovate.

Lately we’ve been analyzing the email calendars of our favorite magazine brands to discover any trends in consistency timing and promotional … Continue


Websites Redefining the Club Subscription Website Model

by Mary Van Doren on June 27, 2013

Because Mequoda doesn’t believe in guessing when it comes to launching an online publishing business – and we definitely dobelieve in launching online publishing businesses! – we long ago researched and identified nine different business models for subscription websites.

These include six premium (paid) models and three affinity (free) models. In many cases, a combination of two models are actually needed for success: a portal or blog to drive traffic, and a premium subscription website to use as a primary monetization factor. … Continue

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