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Tag: inbound traffic

5 Paid Newsletter Best Practices for the Digital Age

These days, when people talk about newsletter best practices, they’re usually referring to free email newsletters, used as a marketing tool to drive inbound traffic to websites. But because some of us are old-time journalists here at Mequoda, we also think fondly of paid newsletters, a classic journalistic form that survives today in the digital era.

Mequoda’s Top Digital Magazine Publishing Posts of 2016

Our top-read digital magazine publishing posts of last year show an interest in creating, marketing, and monetizing digital magazines and newsletters

In 2016, publishers couldn’t stop talking about the possibilities of digital magazines. After learning that digital magazines are a profitable content business model they’re actively seeking new ways to create new magazines, market them, and

What Are Subscription Websites?

Many subscription websites charge a fee to access the premium content found behind the paywall, which is why subscription websites are among the most profitable websites on the web. And it’s not just publishers who are creating them – although the brands and startups who are, might consider calling themselves publishers sooner or later.

7 Tips for Link Building

Strategies for increasing website traffic

Inbound links are credibility builders. The more you’re able to get from credible sources, the better your chance of getting higher rankings in search engines.

There are many ways online publishers can obtain inbound links. Below I’ve listed seven proven strategies for building more inbound links.

Building Your Email Marketing Lists in 2012

Website traffic is a big part of email list creation; If new visitors aren’t arriving at your website, you won’t be generating new subscribers.

In 2012, here are a few strategies you can implement to help generate more inbound traffic.

Tips for generating more website traffic and building email marketing lists

The Absolute Simplest Way to Find an SEO Keyword

Easy SEO techniques for titling a blog, naming a product or writing headlines for a landing page

If a blog or sales letter is never found in a search engine, does it even exist? If that same blog or sales letter doesn’t speak the same language as its target audience, does it make a sound?

Think about these two things for a minute.

If you’re spending all of this time writing and launching a landing page, don’t you think it would be worth a little extra time to make sure the only light of day it sees isn’t through a tab on your website, or through your selective email list?

Keyword research, in its simplest form, is easy.

Share your Traffic-Driving Success Story – Call for Submissions

The most inspirational submissions will become part of our Mequoda Summit West 2011

Dear Colleague,

As you may know, we’re busy gearing up for our Mequoda Summit West 2011, taking place in sunny San Ramon, CA April 5-8.

If you have not yet registered, please do so today as seats are filling fast and the time to get the lowest possible rate is nearing.

Can You “Sell Clicks” As an Internet Business Model?

How focuses on creating content instead of selling products

The economics of online publishing vary from publisher to publisher. Whether you sell products, ads, sponsorships, or make money in other ways, you are taking advertising from someone—maybe even yourself.

From our research, there are ultimately 9 ways to maximize online revenue: selling listings, impressions, clicks, leads, books & products, periodicals, memberships and events. This article is going to focus on selling clicks.

3 Methods for Creating Free Reports

Increase visibility without spending extra time and money

3 Web Pages for a Well-Designed Site

Components you should have within your periodical website hub

Notes & Quotes from Mequoda Summit Boston 2009: Twitter for Publishers

Amanda MacArthur, our resident Online Editor & Publisher, led the session on social media strategy today, addressing how publishing are (and should) be using Twitter in their own businesses.

“Twitter is what I consider the universal social network, it’s great for publishers since it’s all content driven,” MacArthur told the audience. She noted that Twitter is now Mequoda’s second highest source of inbound traffic.

Meet a B2B Multi-Platform Content Rock Star

Effective digital media strategy means building a multi-platform content Mequoda Media Pyramid is a Mequoda “best practice” multiplatform publisher, and its creator, Bob Brady, has been setting a standard for excellence and innovation since before we coined the term “Mequoda.”

Why Twitter Matters to Online Publishers

Twitter is now the second largest source of Mequoda’s incoming website traffic, and a major audience development driver

Using social media marketing to drive targeted website traffic and build your online publishing community

Mequoda Summit Boston 2008 Coverage: 4 Keys to a Best-Practice Website

Being content-driven, google-friendly, email-centric and profit-minded makes for a best-practice website

Profitable Website Strategies

Create interweaving websites with specific strategies

When you think of your online business, are you thinking of a website, or are you thinking of a network of websites?

The distinction is very important.

Ideally, your online publishing business should be a small network of websites, each with specific goals and strategies.

One of those websites should be entirely devoted to drawing website traffic, while others sell products or generate leads for affiliates.