7 Tips for Link Building

Strategies for increasing website traffic

Inbound links are credibility builders. The more you’re able to get from credible sources, the better your chance of getting higher rankings in search engines.

There are many ways online publishers can obtain inbound links. Below I’ve listed seven proven strategies for building more inbound links.

Seven link building tips

An article from SEOmoz discussed using software called Screaming Frog. According to SEOmoz, Screaming Frog helps detect 404 pages within websites. This tool can be used in two different ways, which are listed as the first and second link building tips in the list below.

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Link Building Tip #1 – When you find a website with a 404 page, contact them to inform them of the error. Ask for a link in return once you’ve created a dialogue with them.

Link Building Tip #2 – The tool can also be used on competitors’ sites. If you find 404 pages, you should then use the Open Site Explorer to see if other websites are linking to the 404 pages. If so, you can contact those sites and tell them they are linking to a 404 page. Your outreach should continue by telling them you have similar content deserving of a link.

Link Building Tip #3 – Outreach to bloggers. Bloggers are always looking for topics to write about. If you can find bloggers who write about the topics you are looking to get links on, there may be some business synergy for you to explore.

Link Building Tip #4 – Comment on blogs. Sometimes asking bloggers for links isn’t enough. Creating a rapport with bloggers by commenting on their articles or sharing their words with others help to build a relationship that is more likely to lead to inbound links.

Link Building Tip #5 – Get familiar with Open Site Explorer. Even if you are don’t find enough 404 pages within competitor’s sites, you can use Open Site Explorer to find who links to your competition. You can then attempt to create relationships with the sites.

Link Building Tip #6 – Think about infographics. I am always amazed at the amount of sharing associated with infographics. Can you create infographics worthy of high praise on social networks?

Link Building Tip #7 – Find competitors guest bloggers. Try to build relationships with the writers working for your competition. You may be able to get them to write for you, or help by sending you some links.

What strategies have you utilized to get more inbound traffic? Please share your insight in the comments section below.


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