Building Your Email Marketing Lists in 2012

Website traffic is a big part of email list creation; If new visitors aren’t arriving at your website, you won’t be generating new subscribers.

In 2012, here are a few strategies you can implement to help generate more inbound traffic.

Tips for generating more website traffic and building email marketing lists

Update free reports and create new ones: Free products are the backbone to successful content marketing campaigns. The power of free has helped transform casual website visitors into registered subscribers.

Take a critical look at your freemiums this year. Can your most important free products be updated with new content? Has your market shifted, requiring the creation of new freemiums imperative to your online business’ success?

Updating free products also gives you the perfect opportunity to run SEO campaigns around them, including SEO press releases and social media.

Of course, if you don’t have the staffing to pull out this work, it’s never smart to spread yourself thin. Putting this task on the list of to-dos for your editors can lead to a larger email file.

On a side note, we released a new report entitled The Mequoda 500 Research Methodology at the end of 2011. If you haven’t downloaded it for free, check it out. It details the content types used by the top online publishers.

Download a FREE copy of Best Email Subject Lines for Selling Premium Subscriptions and Memberships and discover an extensive list of email subject line frameworks that are consistently proven to sell and boost revenue for publishers.

Step into the digital landscape with your content: I don’t think the written word will ever lose all of its flair, but the Internet has become synonymous with digital media, including audio and visual components. And with the surge in tablets and smartphones, digital media can be quite effective through those channels.

A great aspect of digital content is that it can be created with little investment. High-quality audio and video equipment can cost only a few hundred dollars, and the return on investment may be more than you currently expect.

Requiring registration for the consumption of those products could help build your email marketing lists.

If you need help selecting video equipment that suits your budget, check out our Web Video 101 webinar, which provides 90-minutes of informative content on developing interesting, high-quality video content. And if you need help choosing audio recorders for podcasting, please ask in the comments section below and I will gladly help with your question.

Remember, before jumping into the world of creating digital audio or video; please consider your audience first. Will they be receptive to that form of content? You do not want to waste time and money if your audience has no interest in that form of media. Consider your competition as well. If other companies in your space are already providing audio and video content with positive re-enforcement, it’s probably a good idea to compete.

Look for new opportunities in spreading your content: This can mean a few things; depending on the time you have to devote. With a lot of high-quality content, you can work to develop content partnerships with similar brands or publishers. Your content marketing specialists may also be able to guest blog for other companies. For instance, I write a monthly blog for PR Newswire, that gets featured on their website and through social media. These articles allow PR Newswire readers to learn of Mequoda Group and the content and training services we provide.

What are your plans for building email marketing lists in 2012? I’d love to read your ideas in the comments below.


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