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Tag: keyword optimization

10 Ways to Improve Magazine Content Marketing

You probably remember the good old days when there was this thing called “article marketing.” It involved marketing your articles, most often by re-publishing them as guest posts on external sites in an effort to get inbound links, and also sharing them with other bloggers in the hope they might share or comment on the posts. At that time, the goal was to get the article shared, and to get the word out about your publication because those were still the early days of SEO.
Today it’s evolved into what we refer to as content marketing, and our focus has changed a little in that we want people to come to our site, not to other people’s sites. Sure, we might republish articles in repositories like Medium and LinkedIn, but it’s done deliberately and with SEO in mind, not just for the sake of republishing.

18 Website Development Tools to Try

There’s a never-ending stream of new tools that pop up every day to help us become better web developers. We have a dashboard of tools we look to for ideas, assistance and even implementation, and it’s safe to assume that you probably do too.

Last year we discovered and shared a lot of web design tools that we use and want to pass on. In case you’re new here or missed a few, here are our favorites.

Best Practice Update: How Keyword Optimization & Planning is Changing

How we’re adjusting our keyword optimization best practices to accommodate changes in the Google algorithm and Keyword Planner
It had been awhile since Google played around with its search algorithms, so we all knew we were due for a change. Sure enough, this summer the search engine giant launched what we believe to be “Phase 1”

SEO Campaign Management: How to Create and Promote a Freemium from Scratch

Search is the most fundamental element of content marketing. If you thought social media was the silver bullet, you were wrong. It’s at least a bronze bullet, but social media is just one stepping stone towards search optimization. More likes and tweets equal better rank. Better rank means you’ll keep getting website traffic to articles without even promoting them.

9 Ways to Drive Website Traffic to Your Freemiums

Link-building is like a popularity contest, the more inbound links you have from other websites, the higher your page will rank, and the more conversions you’ll see

Web 2.0 Expo: 7 Ways to Get Ranked in Google

Chris “Silver” Smith of NetConcepts gives seven basic ways to appease the Google gods (and why that means Yahoo!, MSN and Ask will like you too)

3 Tools to Track and Analyze Inbound Links

Part two of this week’s series How to Start a Link-Building Campaign. How to analyze your backlinks and credibility (and that of your competitors!)

On Monday, we talked about discovering your potential external sources for a link-building campaign, and today we will talk a little more about analyzing those sources.

Many of your sources have already begun their own link-building campaigns. But the ones that you should pay the most attention to are your competitors. Finding out where they are receiving their backlinks may be a big help in uncovering sources you may have missed in your initial research.