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Tag: keyword tools

6 Tools to Create Data-Driven Content Ideas

Consider the rise of talent shows on TV like America’s Got Talent and American Idol. When it comes down to it, they’re simply performing good old-fashioned market research. Why sign an unknown singer to a record label, or sign a new act to a Vegas casino, when you can see how the world responds to them first? The same method applies to content. Developing data-driven content ideas can be the difference between a homepage full of stimulating ideas, and a page full of templated headlines on the same topic.

Good Keywords Aren’t Obvious: The One Thing You Should Do Before You Optimize

Google’s kind of the king of mixed messages. They tell publishers not to optimize, and to “just write great content” but their team says that yes, in fact, good keywords are great indicators that Google uses to rank you. It makes sense, Google isn’t yet smart enough to rank you intelligently for words you’re not using in your article.

How to Quickly Determine Keyword Competition

So there’s an article you want to write, and you’re diving into your Keyword Universe, a giant spreadsheet that’s filled with columns of keywords ready for the taking and for optimization. Unfortunately on this day, there are keywords you want to use, but you have no idea how much competition is out there.

The quick answer is that it’s easy. Go to and search for your keyword in quotes. Below the search box, Google will deliver the number of pages that are competing for that keyword.

A Tool to Use Alongside the Google Keyword Tool

UberSuggest will help you find some keyword phrases that Google may have missed

The Google Keyword Tool is very helpful in the process of keyword research, but like most other things, relying exclusively on one tool could be hurting your overall results. Perhaps Google’s Keyword Tool isn’t returning every aligned phrase that is beneficial to the audience of digital publishers.

Digital Publishers Do This to Find Key Audiences

Extensive keyword research is a digital publisher’s best friend. It is used not only to find what audience members are searching for, but it also helps quantify competition and the cost associated with keyword campaigns.

Beyond the well-known Google Keyword Tool, there are a couple of additional free tools that will help you develop your keyword strategy.

A Keyword Strategy You Can Rely On

The most relevant keywords may change, but our step-by-step process remains the same

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we discussed using Google Insight for Search as an assistant for continual keyword research.

If you are familiar with Google Insight for Search, you know that it can help you find the keywords that resonate the best with your audience.

5 Tools for SEO Keyword Research

Free tools that will immediately help you find new keyword phrases

Keyword research should be done consistently because change is constantly taking place.

Some keywords you focus on will lose popularity and others will become more popular. Sometimes, keyword phrases that you never thought of could develop into a trending topic, or a search term that could bring in hundreds or thousands of unique visitors to your site.

Tips for Achieving Better Search Engine Results

We know that search engines are one of the most important customer-acquisition tools available to publishers in this new multi-platform, or Internet-centric, era of publishing.

But working through the creative-yet-extremely-scientific process of search engine optimization can be a nightmare for most publishers.