5 Tools for SEO Keyword Research

Free tools that will immediately help you find new keyword phrases

We recommend doing a Keyword Benchmark Study once per year, but continuous tweaks to your keyword universe is a must as keyword behaviors are constantly changing.

Some keywords you focus on will lose popularity and others will become more popular. Sometimes, keyword phrases that you never thought of could develop into a trending topic, or into a search term that could bring in hundreds or thousands of unique visitors to your site.

To help in the process of conducting keyword research, five SEO keyword tools have been compiled below. By using these tools, you may increase your chance of finding some major keyword phrases that your audience is seeking information on.

Five SEO keyword tools

SEO Keyword Tool #1 – Google Keyword Tool is a staple among online editors, audience development professionals and content marketers. This tool will help you find exact and broad matches for keyword phrases you enter. Since Google is still the most popular search engine, the data it holds is incredibly valuable.

SEO Keyword Tool #2 – Google Wonder Wheel provides you with keywords that relate directly to the ones you input into its query bar. It can be accessed through the More Search Tools section of Google.

SEO Keyword Tool #3 – Google Insights for Search supplies information on search trends associated with keyword phrases. Using it will help you decide which SEO keyword phrases should be targeted over others.

SEO Keyword Tool #4 – Wordtracker’s Suggestion Tool gives you the chance to find the best keywords while providing top-quality link prospects for building inbound links to your website.

SEO Keyword Tool #5 – Spyfu helps you discover keywords that your competition uses while sharing information on what advertisers experienced after using the keyword phrases.

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    I user google adwords to choose a right keywords this is better for me.


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