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Tag: twitter advice

Audience Development for Online Editors – Updated

7 job responsibilities and strategies for online editors that help develop a larger, more targeted audience

In today’s digital landscape, online editors have a hand in developing a brand’s audience, even beyond the written content they produce.

An article from eMedia Vitals once stated the role of an online editor well. “…Increasingly we are, directly or indirectly, charged with creating content aimed to maintain and attract an audience – a.k.a. audience development”.

How to Master Twitter Search and Use it to Build Business

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses ways to boost ROI by doing business on Twitter

(Nationwide)—Twitter has something similar to a search engine. It’s a website that is still unknown to many people, both Twitter users and outside observers who aren’t a part of the popular social network. is the URL address of the Twitter search engine. It can be used to search for a topic, brand, person or anything else and see what is being said on that topic.

Social Media Strategy Lesson for Online Publishers Using Twitter

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses marketing tips you can use to boost ROI by doing business on Twitter

(Nationwide)—Online publishers need to be careful when using Twitter as a marketing device. Becoming too promotional and not being social enough can become an issue.

Branding on Twitter is an important part in using the social media platform. We originally branded our Twitter feed 100% as Mequoda Daily. Doing this does not help in growing an audience since Mequoda Daily sounds like a publication and many members of Twitter may automatically assume that we were only going to promote ourselves.

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7 Step SEO Guide for Getting Inbound Links to a Free Report or Product

Use this SEO Guide to launch new free products that get found in search engines for months and years to come

Boost ROI by Doing Business on Twitter

Bristol, RI – September 29, 2009 – Get the latest Twitter advice in a new FREE special report from the Mequoda Group, a company that provides best practices for online publishers and marketers. In it they explain how a social networking and micro-blogging service can promote your digital publication and be a significant source of new email subscribers.

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It’s Free Report Friday! Get Your Twitter Advice For (and From) Content Marketers

In the Twitter Advice For (and From) Content Marketers white paper from the Mequoda Group, you will discover marketing tips you can use to boost ROI by doing business on Twitter.

Social Media Strategy

Discover social media marketing tips for doing business and building website traffic with Twitter—that you can start using today—when you download Twitter Advice For (and From) Content Marketers for FREE right now.