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Five Free White Papers You May Have Missed

I know it’s hard to stay up to date with emails, especially if you receive dozens each day. If for any reason you have missed any of the following free white papers in the past, I wanted to extend the opportunity to download them. These white papers have been previously released, but have remained popular among readers. Stay tuned for releases of new white papers each month from Mequoda Group.

Free White Papers

Email Copywriting Basics: Email Copywriting Basics That Will Help You Create More Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Are you looking to boost your email marketing results? Good copywriting can help in doing so.

Download this free white paper, learn 13 tips for email copywriting basics and start utilizing this helpful information today.


Google Keyword Tool Basics: Google Keyword Tool Tips That Will Help You Manage Keyword Research and Build Your Keyword Universe

Do you spend time doing keyword research for topic categories, eBooks, articles, free products,web title tags or meta tags? Keyword-rich content is more accepted by Google and creates a better chance of getting a high page rank.

Download this free white paper to learn about the importance of keyword research and how to use tools like the Google Keyword Tool along the way.


Download a FREE copy of 7 Ways to Monetize your Portal Audience, and discover how today's top publishers are generating revenue through memberships, events, clubs, sponsorships, and more.

SEO Campaign Management Basics: Tips on Link Building, Keyword Strategy, Free Reports and Gaining Landing Page Visibility

Does your website stand out among the millions of websites on the web? Understanding the importance behind SEO will help your website gain more visibility.

Download this free white paper to learn how to properly manage SEO campaigns and get more website traffic.


Twitter Advice For (and From) Content Marketers: Discover marketing tips that you can start using right away to boost ROI by doing business on Twitter

Can using Twitter help you promote your content and become a significant source of new email subscribers? Twitter is one of our top sources for website traffic, so we have seen its power and potential.

Download this free white paper to learn the importance behind this social networking platform and how it can benefit you.


Web Advertising Tips for Google Adsense: Optimize Your Web Advertising Strategy with Google Adsense Best Practices

Do you produce quality content? If so, the Google Adsense program is a great way for publishers to maximize revenue through web advertising, even if you experience light traffic and only have a few site pages.

Download this free white paper to learn how to make web advertising with Google Adsense another revenue stream for your company.


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