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Tag: viral content

Evergreen Content: Seven Tips From Ad Age

In what is likely a good example of it, Ad Age recently ran a piece on producing evergreen content, providing tips and a “quick checklist” toward attracting better visitors and advertisers through stronger search and social. Mequoda Members have long known about the benefits of refurbished and repurposed articles, and it’s always good to get another take.

HSBC Ad Buy Encompasses New Yorker Mag

For the first time in its history, The New Yorker will feature a single advertiser “buying out” an entire issue. Financial giant HSBC will sponsor this week’s magazine, including print, web, tablet, and phone editions, according to Ad Week.

Carolyn Kylstra of Women’s Health Mag Offers Social Media Tips

Women’s Health Magazine recently shared some of its social media know-how, and considering that it has more than 6 million fans and followers across various platforms and reaches more than 15 million visitors monthly, the advice is valuable.

It’s Never Been a Better Time to Be a Niche Publisher

It’s been awhile in coming, but niche publishers are having things their way at last. Mequoda has been preaching this sermon for a while, but now, it seems, the rest of the world – including all-important investors – are catching on, too.

Those living in non-Mequoda world were advised of this phenomenon recently in a post at business-related news website, where well-known media reporter Adrienne LaFrance noted in a piece titled Why Venture Capitalists Are Suddenly Investing in News that new money is flowing – actually, flooding – into media organizations, citing, among others, $46 million in new funding for social news and entertainment site BuzzFeed; $4 million for tech news site Pando Daily; and $8 million for viral content curator Upworthy – called by Fast Company “the fastest growing media site of all time.”

Publishers Use Maps as Viral Content

Publishers are using maps as viral content for their social channels. Digiday’s Ricardo Bilton writes,”The sudden publisher interest in maps today makes sense, considering that — like top 10 lists and quizzes — maps are highly shareable. And the right kind of map can draw considerable viral attention back to publishers’ sites if executed correctly.”

How Does Being a Daily Blogger Differ From Being an SEO Professional?

The lines between SEO professional and SEO blogger are becoming thinner – but not too thin

I love to look through, a Q&A site mostly geared towards professionals and technology although I’ve read some pretty intense personal stories of battling cancer and other real-life triggers. The other day I came across a thread called, “What is the daily routine of an SEO professional like?”

Since Quora attracts legitimate professionals, including CEO and VP’s of businesses that I respect (Twitter, Facebook, DropBox, Wistia, Google, etc.) I generally have no hesitation in using it as a resource, just as I would something as established as The New York Times.

5 Things That All Viral Videos and Articles Have in Common

Business practices for making viral content that gets shared

Even the best marketers can’t come up with the task of “making a viral video” because in the majority of cases, a viral video is made viral by the people who watch it. Every business who makes a superbowl commercial has the intention of it being the funniest, most talked about commercial on Superbowl Sunday and for the following week, but the results are something we can’t control.

The same goes for making an article “go viral”. Social media has made viral marketing much easier, but you still can’t control how well an article (or any type of media) spreads. However the following are common properties of some of the most heavily circulated articles and videos on the web: