A Way to Generate More Email Sales with Your Email Program

Are you utilizing this one important part of your email marketing program?

Have you ever heard that timing is extremely important to the success of email marketing programs? Sometimes this timing relates to the days, time of day, and frequency in which you send emails. Other times it relates to the specific activities an audience member is engaging in at specific times throughout your relationship.

One major part of successful email marketing campaigns is the abandoned order program. And although this type of program required some IT resources, it can result in significant sales.

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A look at an email abandonment program

If a potential customer is on a shopping cart page and then decides to leave you should continue the relationship by sending them reminders of the order they almost made. Some companies have a three email series for these abandonments, with emails sent the first, third and fifth days after the abandonment.

The first email could be a simply reminder that discusses the value of the product. The second email can be more urgent, and the final email could offer an additional incentive.

Ken Magill mentions this process in one of his reports. He cites a company called DEMCO, who has used this process. For DEMCO, this abandonment email process resulted in conversions of 22% for the first email, 15% for the second email, and 24% for the third email. Magill points out that for DEMCO, “abandoned-cart emails drive 97 times the revenue of its broadcast messages.”

Have you used abandoned-cart emails successfully? Please share your story with us.


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