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Tag: email marketing campaigns

Six Sigma Subscription Marketing: 12 Offers That Boost Response Rates

12 subscription marketing offers you can test with your existing email subscriber list
Think selling magazines is hard? Look at Netflix. They’ve been able to get customers to pay $9+ per month as a membership website. Meanwhile, magazines have a hard time getting people to subscribe for $10 for a whole year. Netflix is also currently worth

The Best Audience Development Job Description We’ve Seen

Audience development personnel have a very specific, and incredibly important job within an organization.

Finding the right audience development staff can mean the difference between thousands of email subscribers and tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue.

The best audience development job description I’ve ever seen comes from one of our clients.

Protected: Executive Council Update: 12 Creative Offers for Testing Subscription Pricing

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35 Steps for Building an Email List With Freemiums

Call it what you want, but here at Mequoda we’ve assigned the title Rapid Conversion Landing Page to a landing page that collects an email address and offers a free product (freemium) in exchange. You’ve seen them around here, here, and here.

If you’ve read our blog before, attended one of our Intensives, or a Summit, you know we typically cut the syllables in half by affectionately calling it the RCLP most of the time.

How to Update a Magazine Editor Job Description for Multiplatform Publishing

Write an online magazine editor job description like a product description for a Swiss Army knife

Can you remember life before the internet, when a personal computer was another name for a hand-held calculator? When publishing was a process that required a printing press?

If you’re old enough to remember hot type, the pica stick, and manual

Content Marketing, Publishing a Match Made for Growth

When it comes to content marketing, publishing executives know how valuable native advertising can be to their revenue stream. More and more, though, digital magazines are taking matters into their own hands and producing that branded content in house, adding staff and other resources to their operation in order grab a larger slice of the pie and future-proof their properties.

9 Ways the Best Email Marketing Campaigns Stop People From Unsubscribing

The best email marketing campaigns don’t hit the snooze button on engagement – they wake up early and go to work every single day

The worst thing you can do to stop people from unsubscribing from your emails is to hide the unsubscribe link. Hiding it only increases the likeliness of someone getting frustrated and clicking

How to Run an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Set up your marketing based on data and continual improvement to reap big profits
One thing that troubles publishers who are planning to make the move to multiplatform publishing is how to promote so many different products, especially given the new marketing channels that are available to us in the digital age.

As we’ve noted here before,

Magazine Strategy: Email, Marketing, Metrics, Monetization

Checking in on the magazine strategy fueling digital publishers’ latest efforts
There are core tenets to magazine strategy, but it’s also mutable, malleable, and always evolving. We make it our business to not only develop our own best practices, but also to monitor the trends taking shape in the digital publishing business and pass them on

Kiplinger’s Guidelines for Third-Party Email Marketing

A few weeks ago, we got an email from Greg Krehbiel, Director of Marketing Operations at The Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc. Like many publishers, Kiplinger works with partners and advertisers on promotional email marketing campaigns, and it’s rarely a simple process.

Online Publishing Job Description: Online Managing Editor

With an online editor’s job description changing from print to digital, it’s important to understand the role for digital publishing success

In order to succeed online, publishers need to have staff that understand the digital evolution.

A significant portion of our consulting strategy relies on properly staffing an organization. If you choose the wrong staff members, or don’t properly teach your current staff about digital strategies, you are sure to fail online.

SEO Campaign Management: How to Create and Promote a Freemium from Scratch

Search is the most fundamental element of content marketing. If you thought social media was the silver bullet, you were wrong. It’s at least a bronze bullet, but social media is just one stepping stone towards search optimization. More likes and tweets equal better rank. Better rank means you’ll keep getting website traffic to articles without even promoting them.

Create a Calendar for Better Email Marketing Management

Organize email marketing campaigns by creating an editorial and promotional calendar that keeps editors on track and in line with email revenue goals

Mequoda Weekly: March 4th, 2013 – March 8th, 2013

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

What’s New in Recent Email Marketing Research

As online professionals, we spend a lot of our time testing, researching and applying new strategies to create “best practices”. Sometimes these practices apply to everyone and sometimes they just apply to us. It’s the “testing” part of it that’s so crucial to determine which is which.

The Most Interesting Email Marketing Statistics of 2012

A look at email marketing statistics you must know

Email is the cornerstone of your audience development and product selling goals. An online editor’s primary responsibility is to reuse, recycle and repurpose premium information product content as free email newsletters and website posts. If you’re a Mequoda System editor, your main goal is to build the largest opt-in list of subscribers possible. These subscribers will ideally buy lots of premium information products from your organization.

SEO Campaigns Made Easy

Proven methods and a new idea for blockbuster SEO campaigns

A lot of people offer advice about the importance of SEO campaigns and SEO copywriting. And a lot of that advice tells you to start by developing a free report, then research your keywords and finally, write a landing page letter that’s been optimized for search engines using those keywords.

I’m not giving that advice.

5 Tips for Better Mobile Email Marketing

Take advantage of the mobile market by offering great mobile email marketing pieces

Is mobile email marketing your best chance at generating revenue on mobile devices? There’s a good chance it might be because your email subscribers are a special group of people. They are interested in your content enough that they’re happy to hear from you via email. That’s a special relationship, particularly in today’s world of crowded inboxes.

5 Tips for Social Email Marketing Campaigns

It’s been stated before that adding social components to email marketing campaigns have led to higher engagement levels. Many publishers are now wondering what exactly constitutes as social email marketing campaigns.

For those wondering, combining social networking with email marketing is about more than including social icons in emails (although that is a good starting point).

5 Metrics for Email Marketing

Understanding the importance of email marketing in-person

You need to look at email metrics to develop the most beneficial email marketing strategy. Only your specific metrics will tell the story of your audience’s interaction with email content.

Along with the most popular content, you should pay close attention to click-throughs per campaign, revenue per subscriber, revenue per m emails sent and revenue per campaign. These metrics will help you plan future email marketing campaigns.

Does Email Personalization Impress your Subscribers?

How to send personalized email marketing messages that interest your audience

Email personalization has been stressed by many email marketing companies and consultants throughout the years. The thought was that email subscribers would feel better about email messages if they were specifically addressed to them. However, this may not be the case.

Email Marketing Success: How Companies Increase Click-Through Rates

New methods for increasing click-through and open rates that you may not be trying

We’ve discussed the effectiveness of email marketing numerous times throughout our blog and during live events. There is clear opportunity for email marketing success in many industries, although some industries fare better than others.

For instance, the travel industry, consumer products and services industry, and media and entertainment industry all experienced year-over-year growth in email volume sent.

Call Email Subscribers to Action with Video Content

Video content may become a major component in future email marketing campaigns

I recently read an article about video’s place in present and future marketing campaigns. There is no doubt that video has a bright future.

Top 10 Email Marketing Tips & Advice of 2012

Below is a list of our top email marketing tips and advice from 2012 chosen by how high they rank on Google. The top 10 list is composed of our own tips with some advice from other top bloggers as well. If you’re only going to read one email marketing post all year, this is most definitely the one. Email marketing is a major part of mostly any business, so make sure you take a look to see if any of these articles underneath catch you’re eye.

How Does Your Email Marketing Data Compare?

A look at recent email marketing data shares statistics on open rates and click-through rates

Today we have more data to share on email marketing campaigns throughout 2011 and the first quarter of 2012. The findings come from more than 1,100 brands, sharing benchmark data related to their email marketing efforts. These numbers will help you compare your own email marketing statistics with those of other brands.

A Way to Generate More Email Sales with Your Email Program

Are you utilizing this one important part of your email marketing program?

Have you ever heard that timing is extremely important to the success of email marketing programs? Sometimes this timing relates to the days, time of day, and frequency in which you send emails. Other times it relates to the specific activities an audience member is engaging in at specific times throughout your relationship.

Testing Email Campaigns: 6 Areas of Focus

Tips for better email marketing practices

Theories on what works the best in email marketing are great, but they aren’t complete. Even those who share their theories and have actively used their tips may not be able to help you. Perhaps they are in a different market or industry with a very different target audience. Just because something has worked for them, it does not necessarily mean that it will work for your email marketing campaigns.

3 Tips to Email Engagement

Don’t rely on your tried and true email marketing efforts; they won’t always work

Email marketing, like most of the digital environment, has been changing. The reputability and usage has remained high, but as Internet culture changes email marketing must also change.

3 Email Elements for Powerful Promotions

Persuasive email marketing strategies for creating convincing email copy

A well-written email promotion typically results in new consumers, especially if you have a large, active email marketing database. When you create alignment and desire behind the wording and content you’re providing, it is so much easier to turn potential consumers into paying consumers. Below, I’ve listed three tips for writing persuasive email copy you can use in your next promo.

5 Tips for Being a Good Email Marketer

After your email marketing strategy is in place, there are a few actions that will turn you into a better email marketer

If you are new to email marketing, or have been doing it without receiving the type of results you expect, there are a few ways to become better at optimizing your list and attracting new subscribers.

The tips below share ideas for becoming an all around better email marketer. If you have additional tips, please share them in the comments below.

Week in Review: May 14th, 2012 – May 18th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Your Email Marketing Campaigns Are Doomed…

If you aren’t able to catch your audience’s attention

Depending on the sources you believe, people spend between 2.6 and 30 seconds on the email you send them. Hopefully your efforts are able to create more engagement than these reported numbers.

However, a lot of engagement through email isn’t always the case. People receive dozens of email messages each day. Some of these are information-based or deal-based, while others are purely promotional pieces aiming to create a sale.

5 Tools for Email Copywriters

Depending on your background, the switch to email copywriting can bring a few additional challenges for writers. This is the case especially if the email copy is also going on the web for search engine optimization purposes.

Beyond the points of striking an emotional connection and presenting the content with a direct response for the reader to take, you need to be using email subject lines that get opened and words that entice readers to come back for more.

Week in Review: April 16th, 2012 – April 20th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Refocusing Email Marketers in 2012

Considerations for making email campaigns more effective

Email marketers spend a lot of time creating email marketing campaigns and informational email newsletters. They analyze past email campaign results, strategize on future campaigns, and conduct tests in hopes of finding the best email subject lines ever.

Some email trends for 2012 are fairly clear, and are dictated by direct changes in technology, while others stem from a focused emailing strategy. Below I have listed for email trends that may deserve more of your attention this year.

Week in Review: March 19th, 2012 – March 23rd, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Four Tips for Creating a Lifecycle Reward Email

In the times of crowded inboxes, you need to stand out or audiences will slip away

Rewarding consumers for supporting your brand is a positive step in customer relations.

And with the constant bombardment of email messages, offering rewards to previous customers may help develop a deeper relationship.

3 Techniques Most Email Marketers Aren’t Using

A look at ways to advance the email marketing process

I recently took a look through GetResponse’s new free report entitled “The State of Email Marketing in SMBs”.

The data was conducted throughout two weeks in November 2011, and focused on responses from 600 respondents.

Right off the bat there was some interesting finds, like these four stats:

Cross Platform Consideration for Email and Mobile

Where is the future of email marketing headed?

It would seem natural that two popular mediums should integrate well.

First, let’s look at email and social media. Some companies have integrated these two; which has allowed audience members to choose their desired method for consuming content. One strategy to get audience members to use both email and social media is to offer some content only through one of the mediums. For instance, we offered a free report on Facebook Marketing to Facebook users who liked the page. We promote this opportunity through out email list.

Using Email to Encourage Consumer Spending

Which products sell the best?

This is a question that email marketers ask themselves often. The answer profoundly defines what the focus of alignment should be in future email marketing campaigns.

The question above brings two further notions: First, not all products are created equal, nor do they all deserve the same amount of promotion. Second, you need to be prepared to sell your products when an audience is ready to buy.

Record Emails Sent by Retailers

2011 saw record numbers for email marketing campaigns

Some online business professionals may be surprised that email marketing is on the successful path it’s currently on. Some thought that other online channels like social media would take over, as the growth in social media has spiked in the last few years.

But the fact of the matter is that email and social media have different purposes. Social media connects friends, family, and brands. Social media users can share their favorite content and learn about new things from friends.

What You Need for Successful Email Campaigns

Email campaigns fall into an interesting category for online publishers. On one hand, it focuses on great quality content and intriguing headlines, which is familiar to successful publishers.

On the other hand, there are technicalities that must be faced before, during and after email campaigns are initiated. For instance, the process of email whitelisting needs to happen prior to ever sending any emails. And of course, a well-designed email template has to be created that successfully presents content and promotional products.

A Look at Lifecycle Email Marketing

Are you sending email marketing campaigns at the right times?

Email marketers have a few campaign approaches.

They can send to their entire file as a bulk email. This is typically done for specific one-off products, services or events.

Managing Email System and Broadcasting

Not all email service providers (ESP) are created equal, and in order to handle massive campaigns, list segmentations, customer support and white-listing services, you need to be using a tier-one ESP.

For systems in need of a reputable ESP, and assistance with its email efforts, we have a solution.

Creating an Email Performance Report

Email is a multifaceted tool for online publishers and content marketers. It can be used to deliver editorial e-newsletters, product promotions and week-in-review compilations.

Ideally, professionals use this medium to help facilitate revenue-generating transactions. However, email is another tool for brand recognition, which allows publishers to stay on the minds of their recipients, even if purchases aren’t made initially.

Mequoda Email Source Report

Collecting data from your email marketing campaigns allows you to determine which activities are the most beneficial to the health of your online business.

Smart online publishers use this data to plan their future email calendar, focusing on products and topics that generate the most website traffic and audience interaction while generating revenue.

For Mequoda Gold Members, we’ve developed a WordPress plug-in that collects this information for them.

One Major Email Deliverability Issue You Need to Monitor

Do you know your inbox placement rate (IPR)?

Email usage has remained solid for years, and its popularity will likely grow due to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. A new report from Nielsen shares that 40% of smartphone owners and 42% of tablet owners use their device while watching TV. What are people doing on these devices? 60% check their email during shows, while 59% wait for a commercial break to check their email.

And of course we can forget Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project’s statistics, which shared the information that 92% of online adults use email, with 61% using it daily.

Email Marketers Shift Focus on How They Share Links

More retail marketers are directing audience members to their social networks

Do you incorporate the “forward-to-a-friend” option in your email newsletters?

If so, how has it worked for you? Do you track in Google Analytics when new converted members come from the forward-to-a-friend option?

Social Media List Building: Why To Start & How To Do It

Start treating your lists equally by building your social media lists with new free products

Social media list building requires less effort than building your email list. Less effort on the side of the subscriber, because you won’t ask for an email address, and less effort on your part because you don’t need to create a whole elaborate name-squeeze page for each an every one you release.

Week in Review: February 14th, 2011 – February 18th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

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