Email Marketing and Tracking – Increase RPM with Better Links

Does your revenue per thousand come up short while your “white web” transactions seem curiously high?

Email Marketing and Tracking

We recently had a client who discovered something that was wrong with their email marketing and tracking campaigns, and we wanted to share it with you.

Now, take a few minutes to look at your fulfillment history and the tracking codes that are attached to your sales. Do many of them contain “white web” codes? White web codes are simply the codes that come up telling you that a user just happened upon your site and bought a product.

What our client learned recently is that EVERY link in your email must have a unique campaign ID attached to it. When our client started attaching a tracking code to every link in their email newsletter, they gained a 50% increase in their revenue per thousand emails sent. The revenue was always there, it was just being allocated inappropriately.


In order to track 100% of your email revenue per thousand, there needs to be a unique campaign ID or effort code attached to every link in your emails—from the ads to the unsubscribe links. Believe it or not, people will hit your link to unsubscribe and still come back to your website to buy a product.

Find out which percentage of your revenue is coming from white web. If it’s more than 10% (and you’re not Amazon or another big retailer) you probably need to take another look at your email tracking practices.


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