Email Whitelisting Addressed at Mequoda Bootcamp

The Mequoda Bootcamp is designed to teach publishers, managers and CEOs how to launch and run an online business through tested and proven strategies.

As email has become a trusted, habitual activity for the vast majority of Internet users, it’s necessary to address the process of email whitelisting.

At the Mequoda Bootcamp, we will ask the question: what tier of email whitelisting do you require? We recommend at least a tier 2, which gives you a dedicated IP. This option is good if you have an in-house email delivery management specialist.

If you don’t have an employee with the capabilities of analyzing your email deliveries, then a tier 1 provider is your best bet. With this option you will have your own IP and a delivery management team that will handle whitelisting and complaints while monitoring your delivery rates daily.

For information on the email whitelisting process, including when to address it in your website strategy, join us for the Mequoda Bootcamp.


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