How to Reach Out to Bloggers in your Space

4 helpful tips for gaining more exposure and developing lasting relationships

Creating relationships with bloggers can lead to more exposure for your content and brand.

Bloggers that already have existing audiences interested in your topics can help find new eyes for your content.

This in turn means you may see more website traffic, email conversions and potential sales.

However, blogger outreach needs to be a careful process. If performed incorrectly, you will fail in building relationships. As first impressions are always important, it’s worth your time to consider these tips before you start.

The following eight tips for blogger outreach come from a recent article on SEOmoz, written by Rob Millard.

Four tips for blogger outreach

#1. Flattery is easier on Twitter: Use the medium to interact with bloggers you want to develop relationships with. Retweeting their content over a month’s time may help in building up rapport.

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#2. Finding email addresses can be tough: It can be difficult to find email addresses of bloggers you want to contact. However, companies and bloggers typically promote social media accounts outright. Millard suggests using tools like FollowerWonk and WeFollow to find Twitter accounts relevant to your niche.

#3. Use Twitter’s search to find opportunities: Millard suggests checking out hashtags being used by journalists and bloggers, such as #journorequest, #journalistrequest and #HARO. Looking for keywords relevant to your niche also helps in this process.

A final suggestion from the SEOmoz article utilized an advanced search feature in Twitter. According to Millard, If you search “guest post” + keyword or “guest blog” + keyword, you may find accounts promoting for guest content. These accounts may be accepting to more guest content, on the relevant topic.

#4. Tailor your Guest Posting Ideas: When reaching out to bloggers about post opportunities, provide them with actual article ideas. Millard recommends using Open Site Explorer to find themes their website utilizes.

The SEOmoz article includes four additional tips for blogger outreach: Twitter Lists FTW, Get an introduction, show your credibility and set up custom RSS feeds for key bloggers.

To read more about all eight tips from Rob Millard on the SEOmoz blog, check out the article now.


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