New Webinar: Email Subject Line Smackdown

Invest 90 minutes discovering the secrets to email subject line creation and continuous improvement

Do you routinely delete unopened email messages after reading only the “subject line”?

Studies show that most people decide whether to open and read an email message based entirely on a quick glance at the sender’s address and the email subject line.

When you register for the Email Subject Line Smackdown: Test your Email Subject Line Prowess Against 3 of America’s Top Copywriters Webinar on November 24th, you can submit one of your best email subject lines to our panel of copywriting experts, which includes Peter Fogel, Peter A. Schaible and Mark Johnson.

Each member of our copywriting panel will individually — without collaboration — write an alternative subject line that he believes has a chance of beating your control.

That’s why we’re calling it a smackdown. Each of our copywriters will submit a challenge — his best wordsmithing effort at creating an email subject line that he believes will perform better than yours.

We’ll pick only 12 subject lines that are representative of the most popular email subject line archetypes.

The sooner you register and submit your favorite email subject line, the better the chances are that yours will be chosen for the Email Subject Line Smackdown.

Each of our copywriters will explain his “challenge” email subject line and why he thinks it will win.

As a participant in this live event, you’ll have about 60 seconds to decide your favorite and vote — right online.

Even if the subject line you submitted isn’t chosen for the challenge, you’ll vote to help determine the winners. So, you’ll have an opportunity to test your skills and judgment against all the other online seminar participants.

We’ll immediately tally the votes, display the results and declare the winners.

You, and the other members of our live webinar audience, collectively will determine which subject lines are most likely to have the best open rates.

Who knows? Perhaps they’ll choose your control. And if they choose one of the subject lines written by a panel member, you’ll want to test it against your control.

Learn more about our Email Subject Line Smackdown on November 24th


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