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Tag: mark johnson

Write Better Subscription Marketing Copy By Learning From the Greats

In 1926, a long-form print ad for the U.S. School of Music was written by John Caples, and the headline read, “They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano, But When I Started to Play!” It’s been noted as one of the most perfect headlines ever written.

The 17 Best Email Subject Lines for Increasing Open Rates [+ Video]

Discover the carefully guarded source of the world’s most effective email subject lines that most professional copywriters don’t like to share

The 14 Most Clickable Social Media Headlines

Turn basic headlines into social media gold by experimenting with these proven copywriting formulas for clickable social media headlines
Everything I’ve read as an observer of the social media and publishing communities tells me that most marketers don’t get a click rate on a Tweet of more than one percent, and in fact most marketers get

TheStreet Experiments With Digital Magazine Subscription Tactics

When it comes to experimentation, digital magazine subscription models are made for trying new things and fiddling with formulas until you find the right fit. Integrating events into your mix and layering in additional ways to monetize content can also rejuvenate your company. Of course, there’s also staffing changes and acquisitions to jumpstart your operation, if you have the means. Luckily, we’ve found five recent articles in Folio: that address all of these strategies.

Increase Your Average Email Open Rate in 20 Easy Steps

In your email marketing system (EMS), there’s a dashboard that gives you your email open rate – the percentage of users who opened an email from you. Typically 16% is an average number for the publishing industry, so if you have anything above, consider your efforts above average.

Unfortunately, on the web, you may find all kinds of fun information about open rates and how inaccurate they can be (like 11% to 35% inaccurate).

30 Go-To Email Copywriting Tips [+ Video]

There are a few places you can make really good, or really bad first and last impressions in your email copywriting. Get these right and you’ll build loyalty from the start and get those subscribers to stay with you longer.

Tips to do Your Best Writing and Editing

Tips from a Leading Author

“Work on a computer that is disconnected from the Internet.” This is number seven on much-honored English author Zadie Smith’s 10 rules for writers. (Time magazine included her wonderful novel, White Teeth, in its TIME 100 Best English-language Novels from 1923 to 2005.) I don’t think she wants us harking back to the days of typewriters to capture that magic of yesteryear. I think she is referring more to keeping distractions to a minimum, something we discussed here last month. So if you have writing to do, you may want to do it on something other than your primary, linked-to-the-world machine.

Tips on Integrating Editorial with Social Media

Integrating Social Media With Your Editorial

Back at the SIPA UK Conference in the summer—yes, think warm temperatures and lots of daylight—Sona Hathi of Melcrum and Mark Johnson of The Economist Group presented an excellent session on Practical Social Media: Integrating With Your Editorial. This is something that I know we deal with here at SIPA every day. Okay, the daily article has gone out, but have we tweeted about it? Which articles should be posted on LinkedIn? How much, if any, of the Hotline newsletter should be given to non-members through those channels. Are we being creative enough in what we do?

Johnson wrote that at The Economist,“Our involvement goes beyond simply running high-profile ‘brand’ accounts: on Twitter, for example, we also run separate subject-focused accounts for each of our magazine’s ten sections. Responsibility for [our social media] strategy is shared between marketing teams and editorial staffers. Our efforts to date have garnered a total audience of around 800,000 followers on Facebook and 1.2m followers on Twitter.”

3 eCommerce Tips for 2011

Strategies online publishers are using or considering in modern times

Sometimes commerce strategies emerge online that are truly remarkable by reaching consumers in right place.

For instance, mobile’s reach is enormous and has aided in sales for retailers. The iPad and subscription websites have also aided in creating better experiences for audiences. Below you will find more information on how mobile, the iPad and subscription websites have helped generate revenue in 2011.

Sneak Preview From Conference Handouts

Conference Handouts Provide Solid Information

Handouts for sessions from last week’s SIPA Marketing Conference in Miami are now posted on the SIPA website! As a preview, here are important and timely snippets from 10 of those presentations. The links are for SIPA members to view the handouts. (If you don’t know your password, follow the easy prompts; if you want to become a member and see the handouts, hit the orange Free Trial button on the right, click here or email SIPA.)

1. Creating an Integrated Social Media Marketing Program for Publishers – Todd Lebo and Jim Sinkinson
Issues in Monitoring and Listening to Social Media Activity

Five Speakers, Five Solutions; A Glimpse of Miami

The Heat Isn’t the Only All-Star Team in Miami; Check Out These Speakers!

Reach out to bloggers, evaluate your renewal series, find the most successful direct marketing material and read it. With the speakers assembled for this November’s Marketing Conference in Miami, tips and solutions will be flying. Here are a few:

1. Copywriter Robert Lerose will co-lead a session on Renewals.
“Come up with a ‘value proposition’ and sell it. Why is your publication valuable to the subscriber? What value will it continue to give? The answer to these questions should inform your renewal copy and become a selling point. Because times and subscriber needs change, you should regularly evaluate your renewal series to refine and sharpen this statement.”

The Email Copywriting Workshop

In 90 Minutes, Get Copywriting Secrets to Instantly Boost E-mail Marketing Results 33-67%!

Crosscurrents: Musing About eReaders in 1981

When eReaders were only a speculation..

Wisdom from 3 of America’s Top Copywriters

What you can expect from Mequoda Pro’s Email Subject Line Smackdown webinar

Last Chance! Show Us What You’ve Got in Our Email Subject Line Smackdown!

Last Chance to Register for our Email Subject Line Smackdown, where YOU get to submit your subject lines to 3 of America’s Top Copywriters and let them re-write them for you!

New Webinar: Email Subject Line Smackdown

Invest 90 minutes discovering the secrets to email subject line creation and continuous improvement

Email Subject Line Smackdown

This informative Mequoda webinar on creating and testing email subject lines explains the best practices for defeating email subject line spam filters and for tracking which email subject lines perform best for your products and services.

Mayo Clinic Health Letter Landing Page Review

If you divide products into two categories—must-have and nice-to-have—newsletters fall decisively in the latter. No one needs newsletters. As Bill Bonner, founder of Agora Publishing, a large consumer newsletter publisher likes to point out, “Nobody wakes up, taps their significant other on the shoulder, and says, ‘Honey, we need to get some more newsletters today.”