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These Two Search Engines are Gaining More Search Share

Other major players in the search engine realm are losing share

The use of search engines is critical to the success of online publishers for both organic and paid search listings.

Therefore, it’s worth knowing which search engines are being used the most by individuals looking for answers.

According to new comScore data, Google held 66.3% of the U.S. search market during the month of November. This statistic was up from 66.1% in September.

Bing was another search engine that gained search share during October, as it held 11.5% of the market – up from 11.2% in September.

Yahoo had 16.5% of the market, which was down from 16.7% in September. experienced 3.6% of the market share, which was down from 3.7% the previous month. AOL rounds out the results with a market share of 2.1%, down from 2.3% in September.

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