What Size Should Your Emails Be?

The debate on email size continues; however, one study offers some suggestions

The length of emails can certainly make a difference in whether or not it gets read. One best practice is to lead with your best content and highlight other important sections throughout the rest of the copy.

However, now the rules are taking on additional dimensions, as reading email on mobile devices is a popular activity. Not only does the length and subject matter play a role, the actual size of your email will dictate how it loads on mobile devices.

In a recent study from Silverpop, the message size of emails is examined. Most of the companies surveyed were keeping their email sizes below 40kb, with an average around 15kb.

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Although larger emails may load appropriately, considering the load time associated with email optimization is important to consider as the mobile market continues to grow.

Furthermore, while the size of emails matters, it’s important to create with HTML. Text-only email templates are smaller in size, consisting of only a few kilobytes, but according to the study, they underperform significantly compared to HTML-based emails.

Have you found an email size that works best with your audience? Do you have a significant mobile audience that is receptive to the size? Please share your thoughts with the community.

And if you want to learn more about the specific email sizes used throughout different industries, check out the Silverpop study now.


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