Who Is the Most Active Online?

Twitter users, that’s who

It’s estimated that there are 26 monthly Twitter users throughout 2010. This amount accounts for roughly 14.6% of all Internet users.

The interesting thing here is that daily Twitter users are very active when it comes to social media activity. The original findings on these Twitter statistics come from ExactTarget and eMarketer has put together a related article about these findings.

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According to the article, daily Twitter users are about three times as likely among internet users to upload pictures, four times as likely to blog, three times as likely to post reviews and ratings of sites or content and almost six times as likely to upload articles.

These statistics make Twitter users very valuable to brands and marketers. For companies who are utilizing the microblogging potential of Twitter, it’s important to harness the power of your relationships and stay on good terms with your audience. A positive impact on Twitter can help your brand grow; a negative one will hurt your standing with an audience.

Read the entire article from eMarketer.


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