July Partners

Summer flourishes with the help of our July partners!

Our July partners share some great offers and insight to brighten up our summers

Ahhh July… a time for sunshine, longer days, warm nights, and enjoying the great outdoors. I choose to only focus on the plus side and ignore the sunburns, bugs galore, and humidity that seems to have taken over. July is a time for laying in a hammock, lounging on the beach, or just curling up in the sun (or air conditioning as needed).

Mequoda Publishing Network and their partners have a lot of great tips, ideas, and offers to help bring in the heat (or peruse while escaping the heat) this summer.

National Garden Bureau offered two wonderful eBooks “A free informational eBook on solving Tomato and Pepper problems” and “A free informational eBook on how to care for Tomatoes.” With these ebooks you will resolve your pepper and tomato problems and grow a bounty of tomatoes to enjoy all summer long.

Our July partnership with Experience Life was all about Nutrition for Healthy Aging. The secret to aging well is to give your body the best tools for the job: whole, healthy foods. What we eat affects the quality and resilience of virtually every organ, cell, and system in the body. Learn how to age gracefully with their free guide.

Our friends at KidsGardening excitedly shared a free download of their ten favorite kids gardening activities! These activities span the seasons, and many can be done indoors or outside. With little effort and a pinch of creativity you can devise some very imaginative indoor gardens from your kitchen leftovers! Download KidsGardening’s Ten Favorite Gardening Activities for the complete instructions for Kitchen Scrap Gardening!

Since 1904, Horticulture has provided garden lovers with accurate, compelling coverage of plants and design strategies. In every issue, you’ll meet noteworthy gardeners, visit exceptional gardens and find distinctive plants for gardens of every size and stripe.

Garden Gate magazine gives readers the plant know-how, design inspiration and time- and money-saving tips they need to grow the gardens they’ve always dreamed of. Learn more about what they have to offer by checking out their website (and special discount) today.

Spirituality + Health gave us a look at their September/October issue! Since 1998, they have been drawing from the wisdom of many traditions and cultures with an emphasis on sharing practices. They look to science to help provide a context for the spiritual quest. They acknowledge that in our language the words “whole,” “health,” and “holy” share a common root.

American Horticultural Society, one of the most respected and longstanding national gardening organizations in North America, offered a discounted yearly membership. The Society’s membership includes aspiring, new, and experienced gardeners, plant enthusiasts, and horticultural professionals. They’ve also unlocked a few of their most recent stories from their award-winning, member-exclusive magazine, The American Gardener, to share a “Sneak Peak” with you. See what you may be missing if you’re not an AHS member!

Summer is such a wonderful time to be outdoors, whether it is tending your garden, admiring flowers, or just basking in the sun. Our gardens are flourishing this July and we hope yours are as well. If you have something that you think would be of interest to our audience, please reach out to me at Christy@Mequoda.com.

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