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Your GreenPrints Magazine January 2024 issue is ready for you to access and read right now. When you read this printable issue, you get joy, laughter, and inspiration. Start reading—and listening to—stories in this issue now.

We have some great news about this January 2024 issue of GreenPrints: We’ve expanded the magazine’s content to include the first GuideBook in our “Gardening in America” series—Rose Gardening in America; and we’ve added an entire section of printable crafting kits, including our Bedtime Tales StoryBook and our 2024 GreenPrints Calendar. More about all of these in a minute.

Please check out this special issue with featured story, entitled “Why Even Have a Garden?”—you’ll connect with this story if you’ve ever had problems with deer in your own garden. Feel the author’s frustration about deer eating nearly everything he plants. It is such a relatable story! You must read it.

And the GreenPrints Magazine January 2024 issue has other stories for you—more content to touch your soul, lift your spirits, and make you laugh!

  • INCLUDES AUDIO: “Why Even Have a Garden?: If the deer are the only ones to enjoy it!”—read about one man’s ongoing frustration with deer devouring his plants. Plus—this story has also been recorded for you by GreenPrints founder Pat Stone and his wife, Becky. Read and listen!
  • <strong>INCLUDES AUDIO: “The Great Military Groundhog Battle: My dad’s losing battle.”—read this account of a man who battled groundhogs to protect his garden, often destroying the critters—until his kids begged him to use animal-friendly traps to catch them, not kill them, and release them elsewhere. What a funny ending! Plus—this story has also been recorded for you by GreenPrints founder Pat Stone and his wife, Becky. Read and listen!
  • INCLUDES AUDIO: “The Legend of Stone Soup: A classic folk tale. Retold.”—read this account of a stranger who arrives in town and motivates all the residents to contribute to a magical stone soup! See how this soup transforms the town! Plus—this story has also been recorded for you by GreenPrints founder Pat Stone and his wife, Becky. Read and listen!
  • “Perennial Catalogue: Holding Summer in my hands.”—Winter. Cold. Only thoughts of your garden. We’ve all been there. But read this story about a woman’s experience lifting her spirits with a flower catalogue, and you’ll feel uplifted too!
  • “Losing the Lucky Frog: A hard year gets harder, until …”—read about a woman’s distraught state when she loses her beloved garden frog statue … on top of a hellish year for her. Then, she experiences a magical moment with a hummingbird at her birdbath, and she discovers how lucky her frog really is!
  • “Growing Resolutions: Having a serious talk … with my garden.”—read GreenPrints Founding Editor Pat Stone’s funny perspective about New Year’s resolutions and his garden … presented as a conversation with his garden. Check this out!
  • “Queen of Green: A Winter tale.”—get this surreal and mystical account of a woman being transported to a beautiful forest after suffering a car accident. Her otherworldly story is calming and magical. Thank goodness for the happy ending!
  • “Small Shadows: An insomniac finds rest.”—read about one man’s quest for rest. After losing his wife to breast cancer, he tries everything to conquer sleepless nights—from music to reading and even yoga. Nothing works—then he finds the answer in his garden. Read all about it!
  • “Slower than Molasses in January: Garden plants can test one’s patience.”—read regular contributor Becky Rupp’s story about how patience is really needed if you’re a gardener. And get all the historical details of the 1919 Boston Great Molasses Flood that killed 21 people, including the science behind the speed of molasses. Then get informed about the growing speed of all kinds of plants—you’ll walk away with fascinating plant facts to share with like-minded gardeners.
  • NEW! “Rose Gardening in America—a GreenPrints GuideBook.”—just released and part of our new regular monthly series of GuideBooks! With Rose Gardening in America, you’ll celebrates roses and get some history and how-to advice about this delightful and fragrant flower. Includes 9 top varieties you can grow yourself, complete with plant profiles and gorgeous depictions of each plant. BONUS: Get the inside scoop on visiting public rose gardens and festivals all around the country!
  • NEW! “Printable Crafting Kits.”—now you get, in every issue, do-it-yourself (DIY) printable crafting kits to satisfy the crafter in you, including in this issue:
    • Rose Garden Greeting Card Crafting Kit—honor those who matter in your life by sending them a Greeting Card with beautiful rose-themed artwork. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, graduation—even Mother’s and Father’s Days!—personalizing a rose-themed card is a great way to honor any recipient.
    • Rose Garden ArtPrints Crafting Kit—with this DIY printable project, you’ll create gorgeous and memorable images, to celebrate the joyousness of roses, with ArtPrints for framing and hanging on your walls … in your home or office, or even unframed to post on your refrigerator with magnets.
    • Bedtime Tales ArtPrints Crafting Kit—bring these prints into your space, to let the magic of bedtime tales adorn your walls and fill your surroundings with whimsy and joy. Celebrate the magic that resides in the art of storytelling and share these ArtPrints with your children or grandchildren! Suitable for framing or just pinning on a bulletin board.
    • Bedtime Tales Greeting Card Crafting Kit—get enchanting and beautiful images, complete with companion quotations, for 9 different greeting cards that will delight and inspire any recipient! Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, or simply to share a spontaneous smile with someone dear.
    • Bedtime Tales StoryBook—get a complete StoryBook of real bedtime tales and all the crafting instructions for printing and assembling a handsome bound book that can be a keepsake or gifted to a loved one. Full of bedtime stories that convey wonder, comfort, and joy!
    • 2024 Calendar Kit—become a better gardening planner with this tool that helps you keep on track. This printable calendar is gorgeous and colorful, with images from the pages of GreenPrints—includes inspirational quotations to motivate you every month, too. Never miss an important planning task for ensuring a gorgeous garden, all year long with monthly tasks and checklists.

I hope you enjoy these gardening stories from the heart in the GreenPrints January issue!

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