3 Options for A/B Testing Tools

Every online marketer in 2012 should be praising the power of testing. It is the proverbial golden goose, which can lead to more effective money making options.

Beyond the results themselves, the most exciting part of testing is the options. Website operators can test different creatives, including email subject lines and calls-to-action.

Testing websites is even more important, as the associated conversion architecture starts the email relationships. Buttons need to be clear, prevalent, and enticing for conversions to take place.

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For instance, according to Forrester Research, when the word “buy” was first on a button, a 53% higher conversion rate was experienced further down the funnel. This was compared the word “buy” being the second or third word in the call-to-action.

Are you conducting A/B tests to determine which web page design, call-to-action, or email subject line is the best to use? If not, the testing tools below can be of assistance.

Five Second Test: This tool helps you test and fine tune landing pages and calls-to-action.

Google Website Optimizer: This free tool takes the content you provide, and shows it to your visitors. It monitors the process, and shares the content that generates the highest conversion rates.

Visual Website Optimizer: Similarly, this tool allows you to create multiple versions of your website, define what you want your visitors to do, then it splits your website traffic among the different versions and selects the best performing site. This tool’s website boasts over 10,000 users, including major companies like Microsoft and Groupon.

Do you have any other A/B testing tools to share with the community? Please add your comments below.

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    Yep Chris I got another one for you… and yes its a pitch 🙂 http://convert.com Convert Experiments. A/B, multivariate and spit testing with Google Analytics integration. give it a spin 30-days free



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