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Tag: online marketer

The Best Email Marketing Techniques Used by Publishers

The best email marketing practices encourage responsive design, endless testing, and customer retention strategies
If you didn’t already know, the Mequoda Method is a compilation of best practices derived from publishers who are making money online. They tell us what’s working for them, and when we see a trend that’s working for other publishers, it becomes

30 Go-To Email Copywriting Tips [+ Video]

There are a few places you can make really good, or really bad first and last impressions in your email copywriting. Get these right and you’ll build loyalty from the start and get those subscribers to stay with you longer.

Mequoda Systems: Options We Prefer for Email, Payments and beyond

These things are what make a Mequoda System. Options you have when building a publishing website are somewhat resilient in the way that while we always grow to adapt the tools we’re working with and the architecture to stay modern, but the end-goals don’t waver.

Understanding Google Analytics

In 90-minutes, learn which metrics really matter

One of the Best Tools for Building Email Circulation

How are you building your email marketing file?

Every online marketer and audience development manager has a preferred method for building their email file.

As a content creator myself, and the person tasked with audience development efforts, my favorite way to build an email file relies on great content and superb targeting.

3 Options for A/B Testing Tools

Every online marketer in 2012 should be praising the power of testing. It is the proverbial golden goose, which can lead to more effective money making options.

Beyond the results themselves, the most exciting part of testing is the options. Website operators can test different creatives, including email subject lines and calls-to-action.

A Sneak Peek at 10 New Facebook Timelines for Magazines

The Facebook Timeline isn’t official until March 30th, but most businesses have early access at this point and are able to design and even publish right away. Last week I rolled over the new advertising opportunities Facebook will be offering soon, but there’s also an entire new fan page design to work with that your designers might like to get their hands on.

Facebook for Publishers

Order this new, 90-minute webinar and discover how the “new’ Facebook has affected publishers everywhere, and how we’ve learned to love these adjustments

Facebook SEO Tips: A Rank-Boosting Hack That We’d Really Like to Keep To Ourselves

Boost the rank of your articles with this Facebook SEO hack

All these “likes” and comments on our post, which links to our article, give us a giant boost in SEO love. GIANT. This is of course entirely dependent on the fact that you used a great niche keyword. Go ahead and try it. Don’t forget to leave me a comment below, letting me know how it worked.

Be “In The Know” About Facebook Messages

Tips from Blue SkyFactory on Facebook Messages

One online marketer and blogger I pay special attention to is Christopher S. Penn (@cspenn on Twitter). He’s founded one of my favorite national events, PodCamp, with Chris Brogan and is always passing online the best, most informative articles on Twitter.

Today he passed on an article from BlueSkyFactory, called “Facebook Messages: A Marketer’s To-Do List”.

The article notes that “The general consensus within the email industry is that Facebook Messages will not kill email (how many times must poor email’s life be threatened?!?), but it will present some new challenges for email marketers.”

Is It Time to Pay Attention to Mobile?

From the holiday season and beyond, mobile retailing is growing in popularity

Shoppers are expected to be using their mobile devices for holiday purchases this season.

For Internet marketers, this could be a great opportunity to see how the influx of shoppers will receive your apps for mobile devices.

New Facebook Features for Your Internet Marketing Campaigns

A few new things about the updated Facebook that you should know about

This week, there was an invite-only conference at Facebook HQ to roll out a few new features on the website. In usual Facebook fashion, they’ve made a lot of people angry with some of the new features, some of which irritate privacy issues yet again.

Mashable wrote a great article on 8 Quick Tips for Developing a Facebook Marketing Strategy, that I wanted to fill a few golden gems from

Landing Pages That Work

Are your landing pages underperforming, but you’re not sure how to test and tweak them?

Who Belongs On Your Digital Publishing Team?

An immature industry requires some mature professionals. If you are running an online media operation, don’t underestimate the value of diversity of age, opinions, experience and skills.

Online Publishing Jobs: Who Makes a Great Online Editor?

Marketers and Editors are jointly responsible for attracting and retaining a robust online audience

By now you should know that the definition of an online editor is not that different from an online marketer. In fact, if your online editors don’t have a little marketing in their blood, your online business could be at risk in the coming years (if it isn’t already).

Master the details of strong conversion architecture in incremental steps and with testing

Every website landing page should be designed with a complete organization, labeling, and navigation scheme that enables users to fulfill their goals effortlessly. But where do you start?

Learning how to increase landing page conversion rates can mean the difference between the success and failure of your Internet marketing program.

You can have first-class products and create a beautiful website, but if your site is difficult to use, it will be nearly impossible to get casual visitors to become loyal buyers.

Increasing Your Productivity Online

Raise your productivity; know the difference between online publishing and online marketing

I was talking with our Editor and Publisher Kim Mateus the other day and an interesting question came up: What is the difference between online marketing and online publishing?

The difference is blurred for many of us, especially the publishers that are on the front lines of our websites’ marketing campaigns.

After some deep thought, we came up with the following criteria, which could help you more clearly define your business goals.’s The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords Landing Page Review

With a few judicious tweaks to this sales letter landing page, he might sell even more.

Perry Marshall is something of a Renaissance man—engineer, advertising copywriter, technical writer, marketer and philosopher.

Among Internet marketers, he has ascended to the rank of high priest of Google AdWords. As one of the world’s leading specialists on buying search engine traffic, he has published a very popular how-to book, conducted high-ticket seminars and is a much-sought-after personal coach..’s Boost Business With Your Own Ezine Landing Page Review

Ali K. Brown’s Landing Page Shows You How To Boost Business with Your Own Ezine—and More

In business it’s location, location, location. And of course online, it’s your list, list, list. Back in the covered-wagon days of marketing when there was no Internet, the only way to communicate with your prospects or loyal customers was to contact them through mail, fax, phone or carrier pigeon.

Today, anyone with an online presence that has an in-demand product or service, (and if they know how to position themselves) can set up an ezine list of thirsty customers. Another way to grab market share is to grow rich within your niche.

Internet Publishing Strategy 2006

How’s your Internet Publishing Strategy doing? Fifteen years after Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, most publishers are still struggling to cope with a permission marketing world where consumers have all the power.

If you’ve made the shift, congratulations and welcome to the brave new world of niche media empires, media agnostic publishing and user-centric product design. If not, you may have noticed that your old vertical media dynasty may be losing value at an increasingly rapid pace. Time to wake up and smell the electrons. Landing Page Review

Can a person (moi) who has never had a weight problem review a landing page that markets healthy recipes which enable someone to lose unwanted pounds? “Yes!” he emphatically says with a mouth full of rich, calorie-filled cheesecake. is the name of this landing page, which belongs to Oxmoor House, a Time Warner Company. Website Design Review

A confession: I am not the target prospect for, an online marketer of jewelry, because I don’t like or wear jewelry (my wife is not a jewelry “nut” either, and I have two sons and one nephew, and no daughters or nieces). I’m going to try hard to make sure that doesn’t color my review of their site.