3 Tips for Story Telling on your Landing Pages

Sharing a story may open your audience’s eyes to the benefits of your products

Selling products can be difficult, even if there are great benefits associated with the product.

In today’s digital world, it’s easy for competition to emerge. Whether the competition poses a real threat is another question, but regardless, the presence of many products and services develops.

For online businesses looking to sell products, the following tips for landing page templates should help you heighten the desire of your products while prompting the viewer to make a purchase.

Three tips for landing page templates

Landing Page Template Tip #1: The story needs to be engaging and believable. To do this, think about your core audience member. What relates to this person? Imagine you were sitting down with this individual at a restaurant, how would the conversation go? The same principles should be used writing stories for landing pages. If you could casually sit with someone at a bar, and use the same words as you would on a landing page template, then you likely have a good starting point.

The more compelling the story, the better chance you have at driving the person through the purchase process.

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Landing Page Template #2: Make the story clear and credible. Strive to make a connection with your audience through the story. A first-person account of a situation helps clearly display a genuine story and develop a connection with readers.

Furthermore, the story should read like a letter for maximum clarity and the most personal feeling possible.

Landing Page Template #3: Include a compelling lead. First impressions really matter online. You need to convince your readers within the first 30 seconds of them being on the page that there is value behind your words and they should continue reading. If your lead isn’t an intriguing, engaging set of words, then you will likely lose the reader’s interest.

Landing Page Template #4: Have a conclusion that spurs action. After developing a long-copy sales letter landing page template that tells a story and includes benefits of your product, lead the reader to take action. To do this, make sure the story leads to benefits of your product, and specific problems it can solve. These problems should be recognizable to the audience; something they have experienced and would like a solution to.

At this point, convince them that the benefits of the product are worth the associated cost.

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