A subscription website that helps prepare for a career with the airlines has more than 15,000 members

Career advancement is among the most potentially successful topics for a successful subscription website. Member sites that provide solid advice, tips, how-tos, resource libraries, etc., about specific professions or business skills are very popular.

US Airways Captain Joseph Belotti, an industry veteran for 25 years, is the founder of AirlineCareer.com.

A recent visit to http://inventory.overture.com and search on the word “career” indicates that the term was searched 627,242 times last month. The phrase “career education” was searched 1.2 million times!

And despite the recent economic downturn, many airlines are still hiring flight attendants. This site’s Who’s Hiring page lists 26 of them as of November 2nd, 2004, and predicts that many more will resume hiring as soon as the industry gets an economic boost.


Targets a narrow, specific niche

AirlineCareer.com virtually owns the niche for information about becoming a flight attendant. If you are interested in a sales or marketing position with an airline, you won’t find help here. AirlineCareer.com can only help you with flight attendant employment.

AirlineCareer.com helps men and women of all ages and backgrounds evaluate, pursue, and maintain successful flight attendant careers. Its program leads members step-by-step through the application process, including how to pick an airline that is right for you, how to write a resume in the format that airlines want, how to dress, how to interview and ultimately how to land the job.

US Airways Captain Joseph Belotti, an airline industry veteran for 25 years, is the founder of AirlineCareer.com. It was launched in August, 2000 and has been recognized as one of the top aviation websites by John A. Merry, author of The Aviation Internet Directory: A Guide to the 500 Best Web Sites, published by Aviation Week/McGraw Hill.

Captain Belotti’s staff is comprised of a network of working flight attendants, experienced flight attendant recruiters, supervisors and/or new-hire training instructors.


Specific advice

AirlineCareer.com is very comprehensive. It offers an online pre-qualification test to help determine if you have the necessary credentials.

An interactive flight attendant school, called the Training Center, prepares members for new-hire training and awards a Certificate of Achievement.

AirlineCareer.com leads members step-by-step through the process of creating and submitting a resume. It provides resume templates that members can download into a word processor and additional templates for cover letters and thank-you notes.

Other member services include:

  • real interview questions with suggested answers
  • hard-to-find pay rates for 38 major, national, regional, and corporate airlines
  • 213 interview profiles for 30 airlines written by members who have recently attended interviews
  • an interactive message board
  • additional content that is updated daily.


The price of membership

A two-year membership with access to all of the site’s resources, including the Training Center is $87. A one-year membership is $67, sans access to the Training Center. The site claims more than 15,000 members in 50 states and 50 foreign countries.

A free e-zine newsletter goes out to 32,000 members and registered users of AirlineCareer.com in 50 states and over 50 foreign countries.

Additional information is available at www.AirlineCareer.com.


Mequoda Comment

This is one of the best subscription websites for paid online career advice that we have reviewed. It excels in both content and design.

AirlineCareer.com should inspire other career advice subscription sites. It follows a proven business model that could be recreated for numerous other “glamour” industry jobs.


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