Usability Testing for Websites

All website changes need to be tested to assure they work properly.

If testing doesn’t occur when building a new website, or revising an existing website, the online business’ functionality may be in question. This could lead to breaks in your usability. Such issues hinder the retention process and create a bad first impression for new website visitors.

To assure our Gold Member clients the best results for new software, we offer usability testing for their websites.

We begin by recruiting participants in the target audience. Then we facilitate one-on-one sessions between the user and moderator. Participants are given a variety of tasks to complete on the website prototype, while the moderator is watching and observing where the user has difficulties.

Afterwards, the user is questioned regarding the ease of navigation, the aesthetic appeal and how likely would they be to purchase from the website. They are specifically asked additional questions to show whether they experienced what they expected. Based on the feedback we receive, the website prototype is then updated before sending the site for client review.

If you would like to learn more about our website usability testing, please contact Kim Mateus via email by phone at 401-293-0401 to inquire about consulting options.

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