Email Copywriting Best Practices

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses email copywriting tips every email copywriter, editor or publisher should learn to maximize email conversion rates.

(Nationwide)—Utilizing email copywriting best practices helps email copywriters, editors and publishers maximize email conversion rates and generate more revenue.

Some of these email copywriting best practices are as follows:

-Email Copywriting Tip #1: Do not deceive your audience in the email subject line. The key is to build a healthy email relationship. The moment a user sees you as more of a product seller than a provider of valuable information is the moment when they may opt out of your email list. Always communicate with care.

-Email Copywriting Tip #2: Tell a story. This may be an obvious one, but telling a personal story is typically more effective than a basic advertisement. Creating a recognizable visualization, one that may evoke emotions and memories, resonates very well with consumers.

-Email Copywriting Tip #3: Personalize the “From” line. If a brand’s personality is recognizable, their name can be used in the “from” line of emails.

-Email Copywriting Tip #4: Use names. When telling a story, use real names opposed to terms like “a friend of mine”.

-Email Copywriting Tip #5: Create a unique voice. Building an audience isn’t just about the brand; audiences can get hooked on someone’s personality, tone of voice or other human characteristics than resonate with them.

-Email Copywriting Tip #6: Add the call to action up front. Don’t try to sell a product immediately in your email copywriting, but do allude to the product up front so they aren’t as surprised to see it promoted later on.

-Email Copywriting Tip #7: Don’t tell your audience to “click here”. Instead, try phrases like “read the fully story”, “download this eBook” or “save 25% here”.

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