Lingerie in a SIPA Member Video? Times Are a Changin’

Kip Tip, Fool Video Lead Path Into Daily Posts

There was a great cartoon in the newspaper last month. It went along with a story on office holiday celebrations. The cartoon showed a group of office workers with drinks in their hands and paper bags on their heads, with the caption proclaiming: “These office holiday parties were a lot more fun before YouTube.”

The ease of taking and posting videos has changed the way we go about our lives, both at work and home. The morning local news here now devotes at least five minutes a day to videos that viewers take at events around the area.

In the business world, videos are showing up all kinds of places as well. The Non Profit Times—the self-proclaimed “leading business publication for nonprofit management”—now headlines its website with NPTtv, an interesting, bi-weekly show that they produce. The hosts are polished and the format quick-moving and informational. The site encourages stories and videos from viewers, and comments can be posted right below the video screen. You can click to advance to the feature stories that you want to read about—this week it’s “the role of board members.”

On Kiplinger’s homepage today, watch a video of a “Kip Tip,” focusing on “Spousal Spats About Money.” It’s only just over two minutes long, but it’s impressive each day to log on and see a new video. Matt Bailey talked about websites stagnating because of not enough new information. This is a good way to avoid that.

Today on Motley Fool you get “Stock Picks With Chicks” as their daily “Fool Video”–with the two female hosts wearing bras over their outfits. (They discuss the revenue growth possibilities of Victoria’s Secret. SIPA members have come a long way.) Lots of double entendres and word play integrate with investor information to give this a pretty unique feel. I’ll probably check what they’re serving up tomorrow.

The Cabot Weekly Video Review takes a much more low-key approach—no Victoria’s Secret models on display here. We get the distinguished veteran Paul Goodwin, editor of Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report, calmly discussing the week’s activities. Again, the important aspect is that the video changes regularly. You’ll come back knowing a new report will be up next week.

At Bloomberg Businessweek, you can check out their current “Top Business Video” which features Boeing Chairman, President and CEO Jim McNerney. The interview is outside in the cold, and both the excellent reporter and McNerney are wearing heavy coats so it feels very now (at least it does here, where snow is currently falling).

In London, Incisive Media’s Incisive Studios “delivers a range of innovative and rich media solutions for our customers. From news and expert analysis to product launches or training – the opportunities are endless.” They use their homepage video window in a different way: to show what they can do for clients. It’s quite impressive.

I would love to hear from you about your videos or others that you know about in the SIPA community, so more of these columns can appear—and, in turn, more videos get produced. Send me an email or fill out a comment attached to this article on the SIPA Website.

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