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Tag: asi

Publishing Events a Point of Emphasis for New Ogden CEO

Bryan Welch’s successor, Bill Uhler, aims for more publishing events and ecommerce content strategy; plus, an industry update halfway through the year
Publishing events comprise a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to the Mequoda Method and multi-platform publishing, which itself has become the predominant piece of publishing success. Publishing events scale well: It

Receive a Complimentary Direct Response Sales Letter Template!

Join us Dec. 4 for Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters and receive a template you can use for creating killer direct response copy

It’s called copywriting for a reason!

All of the best copywriters steal techniques, subject lines, and calls-to-action from other writers, then they test the copy on their own audiences.

Vision Update

As some of you know, I was diagnosed with Late Onset Stargardt’s Disease back in 1992. For 18 years, there was some mild decline in my vision. Then in the spring of 2010 after five weeks on the road, my vision declined rapidly. By 2011, the vision in my right eye was beyond 20/400. My left eye was now carrying the load at 20/150 correctable to 20/70. Over the past couple of years, everyone I know has been helping me change my life to slow the progression and adapt to living with low vision. It seems to be paying off.

A Brief Guide to Surveying Your Audience

Tips and tools for getting advice from people who mean the most to your brand

Surveys and polls can be very telling. These direct comments from your audience can tell what they like and what they don’t like, while offering tips on creating better experiences.

When conducting surveys, remember to keep your research objectives in mind. This will help keep your questions focused on the end result.

Recording Audio for Editors

There comes a time when editors have the opportunity to interview interesting people from their market, people who are innovators that have a lot of valuable information to share.

Good journalists are prepared with questions before interviews start. However, it’s also important to be able to think quickly and listen intently, as the subject of an interview can change quite rapidly. Formulating new questions off the cuff happens often, and can lead to some of the most interesting answers.

Quotes from Jobs Really Hit Home – and Business

Jobs Leaves Behind Machines – and Quotes – to Live By

In grazing the Internet to try to measure the un-measureable, global impact of Steve Jobs on our society, I came across a Chinese website—check out the little birds flying around—that listed some of his most famous quotations. This was after watching BBC this morning and seeing the first 20 minutes devoted to the Apple and Pixar impresario. When you think about the early deaths of true visionaries—like John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Isadora Duncan, Rosalind Franklin, Steve Jobs—it’s easy to think about everything else they could have accomplished had their time been longer. But the fact that they were able to accomplish what they did in such a short time deserves our deepest admiration.

Landing Page Testing & Optimization


Should I do A/B Testing or Multivariate Testing?


Start with A/B testing to test your most basic design elements and copy. Optimize your page, and then segment it into multivariate tests once you find a winner in your A/B tests.


How to Address a Mobile Retail Strategy

Efforts for each stage in the purchase funnel

To achieve retail success with mobile device users, it’s important to understand how the devices are being used.

The holiday shopping season of 2010 is a good place to start this process of understanding audience usage of their mobile devices for making purchases.

Is It Time to Pay Attention to Mobile?

From the holiday season and beyond, mobile retailing is growing in popularity

Shoppers are expected to be using their mobile devices for holiday purchases this season.

For Internet marketers, this could be a great opportunity to see how the influx of shoppers will receive your apps for mobile devices.

Keyword Phrase: Pug Puppy

Puppy purchasing goes online driven by keyword search, an easy-to-use website and great customer service

A Textbook Lesson in How to Create Interest in a Product

A bulleted list of “secrets” that your product or service promise to reveal can sometimes be the strongest element of your online sales letter. In fact, the words copywriters most often use are practically a textbook lesson in how to create interest in a product.

Three Reasons to Use Paper Prototyping Before Building Websites

Getting the design of your website right often proves to be a daunting task. The development costs alone for creating a website with a unique value proposition can be staggering. Our inside joke on that is, “How do you create a $10 million Web business? Start with $38 million and work your way down.”

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to guess what your customers expect? The good news is YOU CAN—and without writing a single line of HTML code. If you have paper, pencils and some simple office supplies, you and your team of designers and developers can ask users to test your website before you even build your first page.

Five Tips for Improving Website Readability and Content Density

The ultimate goals of website readability are to make the site inviting, the format clean and well balanced and the experience pleasant. Here are five graphic tips for improved website readability.