How to Address a Mobile Retail Strategy

Efforts for each stage in the purchase funnel

To achieve retail success with mobile device users, it’s important to understand how the devices are being used.

The holiday shopping season of 2010 is a good place to start this process of understanding audience usage of their mobile devices for making purchases.

A recent article from eMarketer discusses smartphone usage for holiday shopping of 2010. The results are as follows:

-29% used their smartphone to look for better prices.

-23% used their smartphone to look for product reviews.

-22% used their smartphone to receive sale alerts.

-20% used their smartphone to search for products at other stores.

-19% used their smartphone for mobile barcode scanning opportunities.

-19% used their smartphone because of coupons they received on it.

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In regards to the purchase funnel:

-Users gained awareness by getting updated on sales.

-They experienced opinion by looking at product reviews.

-They used consideration when looking at prices and reviews.

-Users experience conversion by redeeming coupons they received on their smartphones.

Online retailers should take these activities into account while running campaigns. Smartphone users appear to be responsive to mobile initiatives when it benefits their purchasing process.


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