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Tag: landing pages that work

Here’s a Quick Way to Train Your Team in One Day

One method for training your entire online publishing team in one sitting (plus maybe a lunch break if they’re good)

Watch All of Our Webinars On-Demand… Right Now!

Webinars now available on-demand in Mequoda Pro, our training library for online publishers and marketers

Tips and Tricks for Video Landing Pages

How to incorporate video and new media into your landing pages

Two Huge Take-Aways from the Landing Page “Test Junkies”

How less is often more, according to the results of a few landing page multivariate tests at Business & Legal Reports and Kiplinger

15 Landing Page Tips to Talk About

A collection of great landing page optimization tips covering SEO, website design, A/B testing, and copywriting

Why We’ve Been Obsessed with Landing Pages Lately

We’ve brought in two of our favorite “test junkies” for this webinar on how to test and measure your landing pages called Landing Pages that Work: Using a Proven Testing Method to Increase Conversion Rates.

How BLR Increased Membership Website Conversions 15.74% with a New Headline

How a more robust registration headline on this membership website brought conversion rates from drab to fab

Organic, Dedicated and Hybrid Landing Pages – Oh My!

It isn’t enough to know how to design a landing page, you should also understand why writing for the web is not the same as writing for print

Landing Pages That Work

Are your landing pages underperforming, but you’re not sure how to test and tweak them?