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Webinars now available on-demand in Mequoda Pro, our training library for online publishers and marketers

We’re currently deploying a series of webinars, co-sponsored with the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA).

So far we’ve hosted the following 90-minute events:

  • Internet Advertising Basics
  • Landing Pages that Work
  • Twitter for Publishers

This week we’ve uploaded all of those recorded webinars into Mequoda Pro, our online training library. If you’re already a member of Mequoda Pro, you can log in and start watching them this afternoon. If you’re not, just sign up to be a member at the low rate of only $297 for a year of access.

In addition to these three webinars, we have our Google Visibility Suite, which consists of:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Market Analysis
  • PR & Link Building
  • Online Content Management

We also have a group of sessions that include tools and case studies for building multi-platform products and creating the websites and email newsletter circulation numbers that support them:

  • Digital Product Development
  • Email Newsletter Marketing
  • Website Conversion Architecture

Finally, we have three business-building sessions that will help you build a business model that supports higher revenue, lower operating costs and happier customers:

  • Business Strategy
  • Reporting Strategy
  • Organizational Strategy

Plus, as a Mequoda Pro member, you gain access to all of our downloadable tools and spreadsheets that will help take the concepts we teach and put them into practice.

Here are the tools and spreadsheets currently available in Mequoda Pro if you joined today:

  • Google Visibility Report
  • Email Performance Report
  • Email Circulation Calculator
  • Email Lifetime Calculator
  • Online Publishing Model
  • Link Building Lifetime Calculator
  • SEO Lifetime Calculator
  • Online Market Audit Sample
  • Advertiser Schedule Flowchart
  • Content Traffic Revenue Factors

Even more, we have webinars coming up every month, so you’ll save $247 on the price of admission when you can just watch them on-demand a week after the live event at the rate of $297 for an entire year of access.

Here’s what we have planned through the end of the year (though it’s subject to change):

  • How to Create Blockbuster Audio Conferences and Webinars
  • SEO Campaign Management
  • Writing Great Email Subject Lines
  • Email Newsletters that Sell
  • 10 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability

Once you’ve tried out Mequoda Pro for yourself, and you undoubtedly decide that you want to share these sessions and tools with your colleagues, you can contact Kim Mateus at 401-396-9677 for discounted group membership rates.

Join Mequoda Pro today!


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