Here’s a Quick Way to Train Your Team in One Day

One method for training your entire online publishing team in one sitting (plus maybe a lunch break if they’re good)

Training print publishing teams to be effective online teams is still a problem in our industry.

Your sales department may not know how to sell a hybrid print+online sales package, your editors are reluctant to use Twitter, your website designers don’t want to test your landing pages… it’s not productive.

What would be productive is finding the time and resources to put together a one or two-day training, in your office, without the need to hire a trainer or consultant.

Just think… you could sit everyone in the conference room, hook up a projector, and start training your staff on how to start adapting nasty print habits into more productive online habits.

How about a training series, online, put together by the leading research group in the online publishing space?

That’s us. It’s what we do. We spend all of our time talking to publishers, testing websites and developing case studies in order to put together best practices that online publishers and their organizations should be following.

We don’t make up the rules, we just pass along the goods.

Last week we launched our new webinar program on-demand. Previously, if you wanted to attend one of our live webinars, you would have to register for the event, or order it on CD-rom.

You can still order any of our webinars on CD-ROM for the low price of $197, or $247 for the CD and transcript.

OR you can subscribe to Mequoda Pro—our online training library for publishers and marketers—at the low price of just $297 per year, and watch ALL of our webinars and seminars on-demand, right in the comfort of your office.

Depending on what format you prefer, you can still order a single webinar on CD to have at your office, available to put in your computer and watch at any time. We know that many people still prefer ownership.

However, with Mequoda Pro, you will have access to all our webinars, training sessions, plus all future webinars, right away. In fact if you decide to have an impromptu training session this afternoon, you can!


Here is a sample of the last three webinars we’ve posted to Mequoda Pro:

Landing Pages that Work

Bob Brady and Josh Baker of Business & Legal Reports co-host this webinar with Greg Kreihbel of Kiplinger to show publishers how they’ve used Google Website Optimizer on their landing pages. They’ll show you their own A/B and multivariate tests and the results that have turned them into more profitable publishers.

Twitter for Publishers

Amanda MacArthur of Mequoda co-hosts this webinar with Kathy McCabe of Dream of Italy, Shirley Brady of BusinessWeek and Brian Dresher of In this webinar, they display their own mistakes and successes using Twitter as a content marketing platform. They offer dozens of new ideas for publishers who are looking to build brand awareness and website traffic with Twitter.

Internet Advertising Basics

Maximizing revenues with Internet ad sales doesn’t happen by chance, and Dan Ambrose, who’s worked on the founding of,, and consulted on many more, should know. In this webinar, Ambrose shows publishers how to develop their advertising sales marketing, strategy, tactics and training to achieve the excellence that will be an ongoing competitive advantage.

Are you ready to start training your online publishing team?

If you decide to subscribe to Mequoda Pro at the low rate of just $297 per year, you’ll get these three webinars on-demand along with ten bonus business-building seminars.

These bonus seminars cover topics such as SEO, key metrics, online content management, website conversion architecture, link-building and more.

Join Mequoda Pro today.


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