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Tag: multi-channel marketing

How to Leverage and Sell Multi-Channel Marketing for Your Publication

How to leverage multi-channel marketing both internally and also to sell out your advertising packages

The human race doesn’t all live in one house, or all work at one business. We don’t drink our coffee the same way, and we all definitely do not save our pennies for the same exact vacation.

When a mother and daughter

How to Choose the Right Landing Page Testing Method

During today’s live webinar on landing page testing and optimization, you will discover how to perform the best possible landing page tests

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we showed an example of how a few simple changes to a landing page increase the conversion rate by 20.2%.

Who wouldn’t want an increased conversion rate of 20.2%? That means a bigger audience of more than 20% – which could possibly lead to more revenue generation.

‘Munich’ Speakers Offer Great Knowledge

Tips From Speakers Coming to SIPA Munich

In just over a month, SIPA Munich 2011 takes center stage. Set for April 6-8, the conference celebrates and delves into the international strands of SIPA and the specialized publishing industry. Here are preview highlights of 11 of the sessions:

1. “Apps will establish itself as a separate content category. German publishers have [already] recognized the potential. Zabert Sand’s first cook-App, ‘Alfons Beck’s Spices,’ rose to No. 2 on the German Apps-seller list.”
—from “5 Theses for the App Potential” by Alexander Trommen and Bernd Zanetti. Trommen, CEO of SmartRunner and Appsfactory in Germany, will lead an interactive roundtable called How Publishers are Building iPad and iPhone Applications.

Calling All Opt-outs; Wine Guy Waxes Marketing

‘Wine Guy’ Emphasizes That We’re Only ‘Human’

“Vaynerchuk, who hosts the Wine Library TV blog and runs a large wine-retailing business, said his extensive email list averages 97 opt-outs a day. Three months ago, he said, he instituted a program of telephoning every person who opts out, to try to re-engage them.”

I saw this item yesterday, from the site BtoB, and it made me pause; it was coverage of the 2011 Email Evolution Conference at the Eden Roc in Miami. (That happens to be the same place SIPA will be heading to for its 2011 Marketing Conference, Dec. 7-9.)

Socrates Media Seeks a Product Manager

Online Publishing Jobs

Socrates Media, a leading brand of know-how solutions for individuals and small businesses, seeks a product manager to join its team.

Socrates Media is a leading brand of know-how solutions for individuals and small businesses. Socrates offers thousands of relevant, compliant, comprehensive and lower cost do-it-yourself product and service alternatives to high-cost legal and professional services. Today the company’s products can be found across the Internet, including the company owned sites of,, and In addition, our products have distribution in over 5,000 retail locations and at more than 1,000 affiliate partners.

A Rare Opportunity for Your Company

Instead of our usual company-seeks-candidate job posting, today we bring a rare opportunity for your company. We have a candidate-seeks-company job posting that you should pay close attention to.

This isn’t just any ol’ candidate. This is a highly respected, highly qualified ecommerce director that I have great admiration for. He is a pioneer in the Internet marketing and publishing space and the company that hires him, in my opinion, will be extremely lucky, immediately grateful, and ultimately more profitable.