How to Choose the Right Landing Page Testing Method

During today’s live webinar on landing page testing and optimization, you will discover how to perform the best possible landing page tests

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we showed an example of how a few simple changes to a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 20.2%.

Who wouldn’t want an increased conversion rate of 20.2%? That means a bigger audience of more than 20% – which could possibly lead to more revenue generation.

The best part about some landing page tests, is that they can focus on simple landing page components that don’t necessarily require a lot of time dedication or man power to execute on.

What landing page test is right for you?

According to MarketingSherpa, 68.2% of marketers saw an increase in conversion rate when they changed their landing page depending on search terms and offers.

If you’re engaging in content marketing through publishing content consistently, and you aren’t part of that 68.2%, then you need to give landing page tests a try.

If you are like the majority of content marketers who haven’t attempted landing page tests, it’s time to ask yourself why you haven’t.

Is it because you don’t have the time or resources? Or is it because you don’t know what types of components to test on your landing pages?

If it’s the first reason, we can show you simple landing page tests that can make a big difference…if it’s the latter reason, you can learn what to test and how to execute the landing page tests when you attend our live 90-minute Landing Page Testing & Optimization webinar today at 12:30 pm ET.

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Choosing the right landing page test

Do you want to test the steps in a shopping cart, your lead conversion process or major layout design changes? If so, an A/B test is what you should execute on.

If you want to test headlines, images, call-to-actions and the length of your copy, then a multi-variate is the best landing page test to use.

For instructions on running both of these landing page test types, register for today’s live 90-minute webinar now.

Reasons why you should attend today’s program on landing page testing

During the live 90-minute Landing Page Testing & Optimization webinar you will learn:

-Four simple landing page tests to avoid

-The landing page testing roadmap

-The components, pros and cons of multi-variate and A/B tests

-Frequently asked questions about multi-variate and online testing

-How to perform A/B registration layout tests

-How to use landing pages as a sequence

-How to use articles as landing pages

-How to optimize free trials and online subscription paths

The speaker for today’s live webinar

If you want to learn about landing page testing, who better to learn from than a seasoned professional?

Rafael Cardoso, the Senior Online Marketing Manager at Business and Legal Resources will be the featured speaker of today’s Landing Page Testing & Optimization webinar.

The presenter has implemented, executed and analyzed tests on a regular basis, and is well versed with online multi-channel marketing.

Everyone associated with building and designing webpages, and creating copy for landing pages should attend this webinar to discover how to improve the conversion rate of your website while building a bigger, more dedicated audience.

Now is your last chance to register for today’s Landing Page Testing & Optimization webinar.

We look forward to your participation during this interactive webinar!


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