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Tag: seo blog posts

Blogging for Editors


What are the three main types of blog content?


1) SEO blog posts
2) Email blog posts
3) Buzz posts
1) SEO Blog Post
The main job of an SEO blog post is to build organic traffic from search engines. Properly organizing SEO blog posts will help the content get found and ranked by search engines.
SEO blog posts have to

3 Blog Types, 28 Blogging Sources

Learn to build an audience that keeps coming back

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we discussed how an Online Market Audit helps you discover the most relevant content for your buzz posts.

Using the audit will shine light on your competition, which allows you to form relationships or serve the community with content that the competition has neglected.

Discover How to Create the Best Buzz Posts

Do you know who’s in your online neighborhood? Find out with an Online Market Audit

Buzz posts serve as great social media fodder while displaying your industry knowledge.

Creating the best buzz post is harder than you may expect. It is not as easy as going to your favorite websites that you think are relevant to your audience. You have to use metrics to truly find the best sources to base buzz posts on.

Learn to be a Better Blogger While There’s Still Time

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Do you want to be the best blogger in your field?

Are you afraid your blogging abilities are ineffective?

A ‘No-Brainer’ for Becoming a Better Blogger That Many Writers Forget

Insight from Amanda MacArthur, the speaker of our upcoming Blogging for Editors webinar

In Mequoda Daily yesterday, we discussed the three master blog types all bloggers should be using within their editorial calendar.

The main reason to use three primary blog types is that each serves a different, but extremely important role in content creation:

3 Master Blog Types for Becoming a Better Blogger

Stand above the blogging competition in your market with an expansive editorial calendar utilizing three master blog types

A revolution in blogging has taken place during the last decade.

Individuals sharing their personal commentary originally made the platform popular. Nowadays, blogging has become not only a method for organically marketing for publications, but a destination for trustworthy, informative content.

Content Marketing Strategy #2 – Use Many Platforms

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses principles of a successful content marketing strategy that online publishers and content marketers are currently utilizing to create communities around their content

(Nationwide)—The Internet has become a media-rich landscape ripe for content marketing. Users can find content that interests them in many different formats, from written pieces to audio and video.

This is part of the reason why the Internet’s popularity continues to increase. Online publishers and content marketers can take advantage of this landscape by engaging in content marketing on many platforms.

Blogging for Editors

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