Blogging for Editors


What are the three main types of blog content?



1) SEO blog posts

2) Email blog posts

3) Buzz posts


1) SEO Blog Post

The main job of an SEO blog post is to build organic traffic from search engines. Properly organizing SEO blog posts will help the content get found and ranked by search engines.

SEO blog posts have to be appropriately filled with keywords related to your content and should be educational in nature. Often times SEO blog posts will consist of evergreen content that is recycled. For best results, the headline, subhead, body copy and meta data should all include the focal keyword phrases.

If you are having trouble with the SEO process, try creating a list. Google values lists and they make it easy to boost the number of SEO phrases used.

2) Email Blog Post

Email blog posts are repurposed from email newsletter content and the primary purpose of the post is to sell products. These should incorporate information found within the associated product to create intrigue, show the value in the product and make the purchase desirable.

In a “One-Two Punch” format, the first day should provide an educational tip that comes directly from the product. This should identify an issue within the community, pose a question and offer some editorial insight on how to fix it.

The following email, sent the next day, should go deeper into the product and explain how the product meets the interest of your audience.

The SEO process can also be used in email posts as it will help the content find more viewers. However, selling the aligned product is the primary purpose of these posts.

3) Buzz Post

Also known as a link review, a buzz post is used to provide relevant, up-to-date information on your industry. You find content you like, written by your favorite sources, add value with original commentary and analysis and link to the original article.

These posts are also highly effective as social networking fodder.

These three master blog types are at the core of a successful online publisher’s editorial calendar.



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