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Discover 28 simple blogging sources that will save you time and make you money 

Blogging for Editors: Attracting, Engaging and Retaining an Online Audience

Order this new, 90-minute webinar, co-sponsored by Mequoda and SIPA, and discover 28 blogging sources that will make your job easier and your blog posts more effective.

Dear Publishing Colleague,

Knowing how to blog is a must in today’s online content-based landscape.

Even more importantly, knowing how to blog correctly will help you not only become efficient in your blogging endeavors, it will allow you to stretch your legs as the best blogger you can be and leave you with job security for years to come.

Understanding and utilizing simple blogging sources that successful bloggers are using will transform you into a more effective content producer while allowing your words to resonate with a bigger audience. You won’t just be writing to an audience, you will be building an audience by creating riveting content that’s assured to keep readers coming back.

Since the relevancy and value of blogging is unmatched for online publishers today, shouldn’t a time-tested strategy used by the most successful bloggers become a part of your daily routine?

Our Blogging for Editors: Attracting, Engaging and Retaining an Online Audience webinar will teach you over a dozen blogging sources that you can easily master. We guarantee that you will be writing better, more effective blogs within 30 days of attending this program.

We have seen other bloggers achieve these results with ease. Now it’s your turn to utilize tested blogging sources to become the most effective blogger you’re expected to be.


Developing Blog Content Daily

The following are three main blog types that will be discussed during our Blogging for Editors webinar. By the end of the 90-minute presentation, you will understand how you can use each type to create more content for your online publication.

Email Blog Post: Your email blog posts will be published online and sent to your email list. The editorial content should tie into a preexisting product that will be the feature or sponsor of the email. The best email blog posts will deliver valuable, often times actionable, editorial content that shows how your product will further help solve problems for your audience.

SEO Blog Post: These posts are designed to help audience members find your content long after the article is published. SEO blog posts are based off a specific keyword phrase, which needs to be used in the headline, subhead, body copy and meta data of the post. A proper keyword density will help the article get reviewed and ranked by search engine spiders more quickly.

Buzz Post: These posts are created to educate audience members on industry news while creating content perfect for social media fodder. To create this content in the most effective way, an Online Market Audit should be conducted to find the content most relevant to your audience, while helping you discover the competition in your market. Buzz posts typically have an engaging headline and link to the original article.

These main blog types plus 28 blog sources will be discussed as you learn how they can help you and your staff create blog posts frequently and effectively.

From magazine article reviews, to author interviews, chapter posts from books, live event transcripts and inspiration from other media websites, there are dozens of sources to help you create unique and interesting blog posts. Learn specific examples for each source and start discovering how you can start creating blog content more easily.


Blog with a Purpose

Whether you are a full time editor, or a part time blogger, if your editorial department is having a hard time coming up with fresh relevant content for blogging, they must watch this webinar.

It’s understandably hard to create content on a daily basis. You and your writers may feel the stress of consistently covering the same topics week after week.

These are concerns all content creators have faced at some point and surely will face again. You may love a topic when first writing about it, but by the 20th blog post you’re feeling like you’ve exhausted all of the possible angles to cover.

One difficulty about being a writer for special interest, niche publications is that regardless of the topic being covered, it must be done. You cannot give up on the process and find a new topic to write about – the niche subject matter needs to remain a focus of your work.

This is true because your audience continues to exist and the need for updated content on the subject matter is required to hold organic search engine rankings.

If the going gets tough for writers, there is the need to strategically outline the creative process. Doing so will help clear writer’s block and get editors to spend their time in the most efficient manner.

Blogging with a purpose allows writers to focus on what’s important so that they can develop a content schedule, create and publish targeted articles and build their online community through social network sharing and organic marketing.

Take 90-minutes to discover more than a dozen blogging formats that other successful writers are using to create intriguing content while utilizing their time accordingly.


The challenge behind blogging

Since the Internet is over-saturated with bloggers and publishers, it’s your job to stand above the competition and let your audience know your content is top notch. If you cannot successfully do this as a blogger, you may not be as effective as you first thought.

This is why professional knowledge of blogging is necessary and can assure job security for years to come.

Mequoda has been teaching editorial departments how to blog successfully for years. Our consistent research and first-hand experiences make us a reputable source for blogging. The strategies we teach include:

  • How to develop a blog publishing schedule
  • Where to publish articles on your homepage
  • How to properly optimize blogs for search engines
  • How to build a following by publishing articles on social networks
  • Over a dozen ways to come up with blog content

Our new Blogging for Editors webinar focuses on methods any online editor can use in order to create more content.

Let’s face it; less is not more when it comes to online publishing. For online publishers and content marketers to succeed, they need to engage in content creation and the distribution of content on a frequent basis. Publishing strong, relevant material frequently is one of the best ways of ranking in search engines, building a reputation and a community, and growing your overall circulation.

In order to publish frequently, you will need to be familiar with many types of blog posts so that online content creation can become easier.

Fortunately for content creators who experience writer’s block, or those of you afraid you’re lacking the skills to retain your job in the future, our Blogging for Editors webinar discusses more than a dozen ways to come up with fresh, relevant and engaging blog content.


About our guest speaker

When Amanda MacArthur first began working for Mequoda, she was not overly familiar with writing for the Internet or the blogging process. She was hired for her interactive design background, to be a producer for our educational programs.

She quickly became interested in the process of SEO and enjoyed the accountability of the web. She was instantly enamored with social networking and was one of early adopters of Twitter. Recognizing the passion brewing inside her, we moved her into the role of online editor where she could apply her deep affection for the web into a daily blogging ritual.

For Amanda, the idea that she could target keywords in her blog posts and see page-one results in Google was extremely gratifying. And receiving praise and pass-along from her social followers only fueled her further.

Her abilities and passion as an online editor grew so strong that the Mequoda Research Team awarded her with a grant to develop a Master Class on SEO Blogging. She is now Mequoda’s Social Media Specialist, teaching editors and bloggers how to be successful and more effective online. Our Blogging for Editors webinar is the abridged version of this Master Class.

If you are looking to learn more about blogging, Amanda comes to you as a seasoned veteran in the blogging and content-producing environment. You will discover more than a dozen blogging formats Amanda personally uses to create and share content on a regular basis.

It’s time to put your best content forward for successful blogging endeavors that will attract new audience members, save you time and hone your skills as a professional blogger.

Content is the future for online publishers. It will be the factor that separates the professionals from the hobbyists – those making money from it as a career and those hoping to do so.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with this webinar, as you’ll be able to implement the information as soon as the 90-minute presentation is over.




Kim Mateus
Educational Services Director
Mequoda Group


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