9 Tips for SEO While Engaging in Social Media Marketing

Learn how to get your articles indexed and ranked quicker

Search engine optimization and Social Media do go together.

Sometimes however, people engaging in social media don’t realize that they could be getting more impact from their work if they take the time to practice some SEO strategies while on social networks.

A recent article from SEOmoz included a checklist for those focusing mainly on social media marketing. Taking the checklist into account will allow people in charge of social media accounts to think more like SEOs.

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The checklist includes:

-Do Keyword Research

-Set Up Social Segments for Tracking

-Remember, URL Shorteners Matter

-Make Sure Content is Easily Linkable

-Canonicalize the Page

-Check Page Load Time

-Title Tag – Use Those Keywords

-Meta Description

-Measure and Improve

For a detailed look at each of these checklist items, check out this article from SEOmoz.


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