Audio Content Creates Engagement

A look at creating a better user experience with audio

Are you seeking ways to build more engagement with your audience? Do you want to offer content enhanced by digital components?

Digital audio is starting to get more attention as mobile devices and tablets gain popularity.

In a recent survey from TargetSpot, an Internet radio ad network, Internet radio listeners proved to be twice as likely to respond to an ad than ordinary web browsers. This ad engagement involved a combination of clicking the ad, “liking”
the associated company, searching for more information or purchasing the product.

NPR is one company noticing positive results from audio content. According to an article from Nieman Journalism Labs, “on average, audio streamers rack up 4.2 pageviews per visit versus 2.4 for the text-only crowd”. Many analysts would consider that proof of more engagement with audio content.

For publishers creating audio ads and presenting content with audio accompaniment, consumer engagement can drive ad recall and response.

According to the study, 52% recall an Internet radio ad while 40% actual respond to the ad.

Hours are spent with digital audio

Why is it that listeners can recall audio ads and interact? It’s likely due to the time spent with digital audio.

There is a significant audience of listeners across all devices. According to the study, 59% of Internet radio listeners are spending between one and seven hours engaged each week. The other 41% listen to Internet radio eight or more hours each week.

The numbers for broadcast radio listening are similar, with 63% listening between one and seven hours each week while 37% listen eight or more hours each week.

The “Super Demographic”

TargetSpot has identified a “Super Demographic” that advertisers can reach and engage with directly through digital audio.

Characteristics of this demographic include:

-“Tuned-In” – The listeners truly enjoy their digital audio content and listen up to three hours each day.

-“Highly Engaged” – These users listen via multiple devices and constantly spend time personalizing and interacting with digital audio.

-“Influencers” – These listeners are very active within over interactive communities online, including social networks.

How important will digital audio content become in the near future? According to eMarketer, Internet radio is one of the fastest-growing media categories. Publishers offering digital content can enhance it with the addition of digital audio in the form of ads or background music.

What are your thoughts on digital audio? Will it become a bigger part of digital magazines and eBooks going forward? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

For more on these findings, take a look at the research from TargetSpot.


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