Can You Write a Blockbuster Sales Letter?

Our Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters webinar will teach every element necessary to writing emotionally charged sales letters, proven to increase conversions.

Unique selling points (USP) were introduced to marketers more than 70 years ago, and their ability to convince consumers to buy is still strong today.

The main reason unique selling points still work is because they focus on the benefits of products, not just the features.

Our Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters 90-minute webinar on Dec. 4 will share the process of creating a powerful selling pitch for your next sales letter. This webinar won’t only share 17 tips all copywriters must know; it will transform you into a better copywriter through direct interaction with a seasoned copywriting expert.

What words will make new audience members choose your brand over the competition? What do you need to tell your existing audience to create new buyers? Discover these tips and more when you join us for Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters on Dec. 4.

A comprehensive program that develops better copywriters

All great copywriters know free tips work as engagement devices. Potential customers want to get a taste of the value before they open their wallets.

In case you’re wondering about some of the content you’ll experience during Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters, here’s a look at one of the examples of a USP for Hidden Gardens:

You know what I love most about Hidden Gardens? It’s a completely unique gardening magazine that doesn’t just give growing advice, it’s also about travel and photography for gardeners. I’d love for you to come with me to the orchid gardens of Hawaii and discover the master gardeners’ secrets for growing the world’s most beautiful orchids. Or venture into the farmlands of the Netherlands to discover the history, the majesty, and the diversity of the tulip and the bulb industry that it built!

Wherever Hidden Gardens takes us, we interview the master gardeners behind the world’s garden gems to share in the secrets of their success. And one of the most unique things about Hidden Gardens is that every issue includes a step-by-step how-to garden photography session with one of our master photographers, where he reveals the creative process that leads to our famous Hidden Gardens cover shots.

What makes this unique selling point so attractive? Find this answer among the many benefits that comes with attending Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters on Dec. 4.

The brand-new Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters webinar is the definitive program for every style of copywriting. Whether you’re an SEO fanatic or aspiring to be a direct response copy pro, this upcoming webinar program will prepare you with time-tested skills for your first word to your last.

And if you haven’t realized it already … the demand for experienced copywriters is growing. The Internet is a massive force behind this need, one that you can meet if you hone your skills properly.

If you want to be the best copywriter imaginable, and assure yourself job security for the future, you must register now for Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters. As always, we cap our webinar attendance so you better reserve your seat today. Can you afford not to?


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