Email Usage Declines for Most Age Groups – or Does It?

What this means for online publishers and Internet marketers who utilize email relationships

A drop in email usage has been reported by comScore for most age groups.

What’s important to note is that the statistics from comScore focus on “webmail” – which is browser based. Many professionals use email services specific to their companies, which is not taken into account in this study. Additionally, with mobile devices being popular, we believe there is a huge jump in app-based email, like the Apple Mail app on the iPhone.

Many are misinterpreting this study as a total drop in email usage, however it’s only a drop in browser-based email. These findings do not necessarily mean that email is being used less, it just means that email may be accessed in different ways.

For transactions involving money, financial statements and a place to receive valuable content of interest, email is going to continue to be a very powerful and relevant medium. It may however, be accessed more on the go than through browsers.

Although there has been a decline in browser-based email usage, the value of email is still very profound. Email is a more secure way of doing business or spending money online.

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comScore’s 2010 US Digital Year in Review white paper discusses these following statistics:

-Total web-based email usage declined by 8 percent in the past year

-Email usage declined by 59% in the 12-17 age group

-Email usage declined marginally among 18-24 year olds

-Email usage declined by 18% among the 25-34 age group

-Email usage declined by 8% among the 35-44 age group

-Email usage declined by 12% among the 45-54 age group

Two age groups saw an increase in email usage. The 55-64 age group increased email usage by 22% while the 65 and older age group increased email usage by 28%.

For more information from comScore, check out their free report The 2010 US Digital Year in Review.


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