How to Make Twitter Lists Part of Your Social Media Strategy

6 tips why Twitter Lists are valuable to social network users

Creating lists on Twitter helps users become more focused with their activities on the social network.

Have you started using Twitter Lists yet? A lot of online editors using Twitter have responded to that question with a semi-confused “no”.

I understand the problems many online publishers have…there is only so much time in the day for everything that needs to be done. Editors have the requirements of writing content, handling email campaigns, editing the content of other writers and promoting everything that publishes on their website.

Before you roll your eyes at another Twitter task, consider these reasons why Twitter Lists are valuable for online editors.

3 reasons to use Twitter Lists

#1: Twitter Lists build valuable resources – Any time you come across a Twitter user that shares content you’re interested in, you can add them to a list. To do so, visit the profile of the user, click the list drop-down menu and select “Create list”. At this point you should add the person to the desired list or enter the credentials of the new list you’re creating.

#2: Twitter Lists give you a filtered list – Let’s imagine you are an editor for a gardening publication. You are active on Twitter, spending about 20 minutes each day looking for people to follow and conversations to engage in. You have a lot of friends, and your TweetDeck is constantly showing you messages from them. To be more effective, you could create a list of friends who are only interested in gardening. This way, you can save time by only monitoring that filtered list while looking to engage with like-minded individuals.

#3: Twitter Lists allow you to befriend more people than you want to watch – A great attribute of Twitter Lists is that you don’t have to follow a user to add them to a list. You are able to read a user’s Tweets without seeing the messages in your main timeline. If you follow someone’s list, you don’t have to follow all of the individual users on the list. Instead, you simply follow the list itself.

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3 reasons for creating Twitter Lists

#1: Create a group of people you like to retweet – Do you find that you’re retweeting the same users’ content every day? You can create a list of these users to make it easier to find their Tweets on a daily basis.

#2: Create a list you can recommend to your readers – Want to make an even better impression on your audience? Start by providing them with a list of Twitter users that present relevant information often.

#3: LinkedIn “Tweets” App creates a list of contacts – For the B2B folks, or those active on LinkedIn, the Tweets App can create a list of contacts for you. This way, you can communicate with your contacts on Twitter while staying current with their social media activities, such as publishing new blog posts or hiring new employees.

Twitter Lists are another way of utilizing the social network to the fullest extent possible.

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