Keyword Research, Analysis & Reporting Services

Target and track the keywords that are core to your online business

The Google Visibility Report (GVR) is the core document behind our keyword strategy. It is used to structure all SEO activities and conveniently house them in one location, which aids in the process of keyword research, analysis and reporting.

A keyword universe, which is ultimately a focus of the GVR, should be used for all copy you create where the goal is to get found in search engines.

Beyond compiling the keyword phrases relevant to your content, the GVR shows the related competition on each keyword phrase, and the search volume for each term. With this knowledge, you can target the keyword phrases you are most likely to rank on, as well as understand the work required to rank on phrases valuable to your brand.

For assistance with your keyword research, analysis and reporting, contact Kim Mateus via email or phone at (401) 253-0401 for information on this featured service.

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