The Mobile Email Roundup

A look at our top articles on mobile email design and strategy

Designing email templates for mobile devices is incredibly important. Think about how often you check email on your smartphones, and how often your colleagues do it. It’s been reported that a high percent of users will unsubscribe or delete email if it is not optimized for mobile. By taking all the information we’ve compiled on mobile email design, you will have no problem developing a relevant strategy.

First, if you are questioning the relevancy of designing for mobile, you should take a look at this article. It provides five specific reasons as to why it’s important to tap into a cohesive mobile email strategy.

Second, it’s important to have basic design tips for mobile devices. Remember, designing for mobile is all about the size and usability of the content. This article, which has experienced significant approval through tweets and shares, discusses nine components for mobile email design.


Then it’s important to consider ways to specifically build an audience through mobile. This article focuses on Google Currents, which is one tool publishers can use to distribute content through mobile devices.

Next, as all email marketers can attest to, it’s important to keep subscribers on your email list. This article provides tips on keeping subscribers on your list.

Finally, this last article can help you audit your mobile content, as it provides tools for taking a look at how your template looks on mobile devices.

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