Twitter Introduces the Follow Button

The Follow Button is a new way to create engagement from Twitter

In apparent attempts to compete with Facebook’s “Like” button, Twitter released its Follow Button on May 31st, 2011.

Although it’s nearly a year after Facebook’s “Like” button emerged, Twitter has debuted its Follow Button on the websites’ of publishers and popular brands.

According to the Twitter blog, the Follow Button is “a new way to discover and instantly follow Twitter accounts directly from the websites you visit everyday.”

It’s expected that websites utilizing the Follow Button will have a better chance of staying connected with their audience, and according to Twitter, “people who follow your account are much more likely to retweet and engage with your Tweets, and to repeatedly visit your website.”

The Follow Button was launched with a wide variety of partners, including many publisher websites from The Wall Street Journal to The Washington Post.

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The Follow Button for publishers

Allowing publishers to add the Follow Button to their website helps users follow the Twitter feed while staying on the publisher’s website.

For publishers, this gives the opportunity to increase engagement and time on site.

If you have interest in adding the Follow Button to your website, you can configure it at

What do you think about Twitter’s new Follow Button? Will it gain popularity or give Facebook’s “Like” button some competition? Will it help create more engagement between publishers and audience members? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this release from Twitter. Please add your commentary in the comments section below.

And for more information on this topic, take a look at Twitter’s blog.


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