Valuable Information on Email Copywriting

The goal of every email campaign is to get your email delivered, opened, read and converted.

Email Copywriting Tip #1 – Delivery – The first step is getting the email delivered.  A best practice is to ask them to whitelist you. Of course, you don’t use the word “whitelist” in consumer emails, but do ask them to add your email address (and provide them with it) to their address book so that they don’t miss a single email. Too often this step is skipped, for whatever rationale, but it will improve your email delivery rate.

Email Copywriting Tip #2 – Open – The second hurdle is getting your email opened. Clearly identify the sender. For example, all of our emails regarding new or featured products list the sender as ‘Mequoda Spotlight.’ Follow that with a short but interesting email subject line. Try adding a sense urgency or possibly a question.

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Email Copywriting Tip #3 – Read – Pictures are always popular with the reader, but not always with their email provider. Many block images for security reasons so limit the number and size of images and provide a web-based version of the email.

Another way to get your email opened is by writing a series of emails, and tell your readers that the email is part of a larger structure. By building up this ongoing series of events, you’re more likely to increase open rates on future emails and create a more evolved relationship with your readers.

Email Copywriting Tip #4 – Convert – Once they received, opened and read your email successfully, all that’s left is conversion.  You need a clear call to action. Don’t blast your reader with a hard sell, but do allude to the product you will promote later in the newsletter. Take the time to edit your email down so that there is less clutter and more key points.

These tested email copywriting strategies will help improve your open rate by intriguing your audience and are guaranteed to boost the numbers behind your email campaigns and hopefully increase your revenue.


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