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Tag: email campaign

The Mysterious UTM Code Explained

An Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM) code is the way that businesses track sales from their origination point (like a tweet, email or a brochure) down the funnel to their conversion page. Every audience development campaign is packed with UTM codes to see which campaigns perform best. In Google Analytics, these codes can be tracked under the general “Traffic Sources” area just like any other source.

5 Email Newsletter Best Practices You Can Fix Today

It’s amazing to see the evolution of the email newsletter – how brands use it to communicate, how the designs have changed over the years, and how the strategies of staying relevant have advanced.

Even though email newsletters have been around for years, they are still valuable for digital publishers. They are often a publisher’s largest source of revenue.

Subscription Websites: Offerings and Requirements are Getting More Complex

Condé Nast U.S. expands subscription business; Amazon’s subscription service becomes an option; Subscription websites need to utilize ads that don’t violate rules
Subscription websites expand in a multitude of ways. Of course, as expansion takes places, there are always other issues to address. However, sometimes the levels of expansion are significant, and major multiplatform publishers can

The Best Email Management System for Publishers

What to look for in an email management system from Haven Nexus, to MailChimp to Constant Contact
Managing email marketing has become an increasingly critical issue for every type of business. Publishers, like everyone else, use email to communicate with customers and prospective customers, on a regular basis. But like all powerful tools, email can be mismanaged

Magazine Publishing Strategy: Tech, Email, Advertising

Personalization, sales structure, and data-driven publishing highlight latest trends in magazine publishing strategy
Multiplatform content, audience development, and internet revenue models. Attracting and converting. That’s the crux of magazine publishing strategy – don’t make it harder than it is!

At Mequoda, we can distill all of this down to two modules: ACEM, which are the essentials, and

Online Media Trends: Social, Audience, Ad-Free

The phrase online media trends can run the gamut, of course – in this day and age, it might mean anything on the internet. But we use it to mean topics of interest to digital publishers.

Email Campaign Strategy: Google’s Latest Tool + Content Best Practices

Email campaign strategy has emerged as a crucial component of multi-platform publishing, even as wrong-headed observers have pronounced it DOA in recent years. The Mequoda Method highly values online newsletters as a ripe opportunity to build loyalty, expand audience, and cultivate serious levels of conversion. But we also know that email can be unwieldy with poor design, unkempt lists, and static content – let alone faulty SPAM filters. Navigating these challenges will put you in the position of realizing all of the benefits sound email campaign strategy promises. Well, has some good news for one of those challenges, and also provides a couple of best practices when it comes to the content itself. Let’s see what they have to say with some recent coverage.

Event Marketing for Publishers: Stop Asking for Event Sign-Ups!

As event organizers, we send lots and lots AND LOTS of emails to get attendee registrations. After all, that’s the idea–to get as many people as possible to attend our events, right?

We’re all tempted to do it. It’s hard to stop ourselves and we are not particularly proud of it… but don’t do it!

Folio: Multiplatform Publishing Tops MPA Agenda

The MPA’s annual American Magazine Media 360 Conference (in the past called the American Magazine Conference) took place last week in New York City with an estimated attendance of 500, and the program discussions signaled a unified commitment to multiplatform publishing.

Regional Magazine Publisher Redefines the Concept of Local Publishing

From augmented reality to trends in nontraditional gift-giving, Bayou City magazine’s subscription website publishing adventures epitomize the 21st century. launched in early November, exactly one year after it was born in the minds of Becky Davis and Mark Standridge, Houstonites who had until then been publishing a traditional, “hyper” local neighborhood magazine as part of a franchise.

Email News: Email Marketing Statistics & Lessons from Non-Publishers

Would you like to see an increase of 700% in your monthly email marketing statistics?

Email is an interesting medium that’s used differently by an array of businesses. I’ve worked with email marketing and newsletter creation for publishers and non-publishers, for-profit companies and non-profits. Although there is certain overlap, many companies do it differently and still find success. The key is to focus on your email marketing statistics, listen to your audience, and provide the best email marketing pieces and email newsletters.

An Email Marketing Service is Small Business’s Best Friend

What should your email marketing service provide?

Email is technology’s gift to marketers. For good or bad, it allows companies to send word of their products and services into the inboxes of millions more people than your average direct mail sent to households at street addresses – 3.3 billion accounts, with more than 90% of Americans using email every day, according to MarketingSherpa’s Benchmark Survey. It’s faster, cheaper, interactive, trackable and more immediate than just about any communication technology we’ve ever had.

That’s why at Mequoda, getting our message into all those inboxes is one of the cornerstones of our method.

Email Markting Tips From Marketing Land

Today we will be looking at multiple articles from Marketing Land focusing on email marketing tips and techniques. If you haven’t heard of Marketing Land, they are a news and information site that covers Internet marketing. They have lots of content updated frequently that should cover all your internet marketing needs.

Simple Email Marketing Tips & Advice From Top Bloggers

Email marketing isn’t always easy. These days there’s so much junk email that it can be very hard to get your readers to open emails, let alone create a connection with them. With the amount of spam out there it can be very difficult differentiating a good email from a waste of time. Below are a few articles that should help improve your overall email marketing techniques to hopefully avoid people thinking your emails are a “waste of time.”

Three Examples of Offering the Right Email Message

The lifecycle email triangle is utilized by these three brands to entice further engagement

Lifecycle email marketing considers the recipients and their recent activities, leading to marketing messages that are more likely to appeal to them.

Our content series on email lifecycle marketing provided an overall summary of the process, has discussed reward emails, segmenting and engagement. Today I am bringing examples into the conversation, so we can take a look at a few email marketing cycles that are beneficial to the consumer, and favorably used by the marketer.

Succeeding with Lifecycle Email Marketing: Segmenting and Engaging

Tips on getting started with lifecycle email campaign execution

Lifecycle email marketing has created a buzz with many businesses looking to provide a better email experience to customers.

We first talked about lifecycle email marketing at the end of 2011. In that article, I wrote about seven times when an email could be useful during a lifecycle email campaign. Today, I want to discuss more in-depth plans for executing a lifecycle email strategy.

Refocusing Email Marketers in 2012

Considerations for making email campaigns more effective

Email marketers spend a lot of time creating email marketing campaigns and informational email newsletters. They analyze past email campaign results, strategize on future campaigns, and conduct tests in hopes of finding the best email subject lines ever.

Some email trends for 2012 are fairly clear, and are dictated by direct changes in technology, while others stem from a focused emailing strategy. Below I have listed for email trends that may deserve more of your attention this year.

Three Tips for Email Sponsorships

Sponsorships help secure revenue for online publishers

Many publishers believe that digital content needs to be free. Acting on this belief helps publishers experience bigger audiences and higher amounts of website traffic. To generate revenue from this process, online publishers offer advertisements and sponsorships on their website, through social media and through email.

The email aspect of sponsorships may be the most important one offered by publishers because its direct utilization of a popular communication tool can lead to sales immediately for the sponsor. And if nothing else, acknowledgement of the brand is very recognizable.

Mequoda Auto User Login

Appease your audience with enhanced usability

Users of subscription websites should be able to easily access the content they subscribe to. This expectation is a key component for maintaining a successful subscription website that retains its audience base.

For our Gold Member clients, we’ve developed the Mequoda Auto Login plug-in.

The Mequoda Auto Login plug-in allows a user to be auto-logged into the website after verifying the user ID and token. The system operator can choose which links within a WhatCounts email campaign should auto-login appropriately coding them.

Week in Review: October 24th, 2011 – October 28th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Featured WordPress Plugin: Mequoda Email Source Report

Marketing managers, or whoever is in charge of your email endeavors, should monitor the metrics behind email campaigns.

For organizations that are looking for a streamlined approach to monitoring their email campaign metrics, the Mequoda Development Team created the Mequoda Email Source Report plug-in.

Learn to Manage Your Content Marketing Success by Exception

The Mequoda Key Metrics Dashboard will help you manage content marketing efforts

What criteria are you using to determine if your content marketing efforts are successful?

Many online publishers are having difficulties adopting a content marketing strategy, let alone measuring its success.

Be “In The Know” About Facebook Messages

Tips from Blue SkyFactory on Facebook Messages

One online marketer and blogger I pay special attention to is Christopher S. Penn (@cspenn on Twitter). He’s founded one of my favorite national events, PodCamp, with Chris Brogan and is always passing online the best, most informative articles on Twitter.

Today he passed on an article from BlueSkyFactory, called “Facebook Messages: A Marketer’s To-Do List”.

The article notes that “The general consensus within the email industry is that Facebook Messages will not kill email (how many times must poor email’s life be threatened?!?), but it will present some new challenges for email marketers.”

Shhh… Here’s How to Get Email Marketing Secrets from the Pro’s

Don’t just pay attention to the email marketing experts – pay attention to the email delivery experts too!

In addition to this here Mequoda blog, there are some hidden gems that I always look to when I’m doing email marketing research. These blogs are actually the blogs of the email service providers (ESP’s) themselves.

Some ESP’s will simply give you updates of their services, while better ones will actually give you insight into how to create better email marketing campaigns.

Email and Social Media Belong Together

The combination of the two will likely improve email campaigns

What makes for a successful email campaign?

Is it the email template you use? The information you provide? What about the combination of editorial and marketing content?

All of these email campaign attributes are valuable, but one not listed may be the most beneficial.

Valuable Information on Email Copywriting

The goal of every email campaign is to get your email delivered, opened, read and converted.

Email Copywriting Tip #1 – Delivery – The first step is getting the email delivered. A best practice is to ask them to whitelist you. Of course, you don’t use the word “whitelist” in consumer emails, but do ask them to add your email address (and provide them with it) to their address book so that they don’t miss a single email. Too often this step is skipped, for whatever rationale, but it will improve your email delivery rate.

Email Copywriting Tip #2 – Open – The second hurdle is getting your email opened. Clearly identify the sender. For example, all of our emails regarding new or featured products list the sender as ‘Mequoda Spotlight.’ Follow that with a short but interesting email subject line. Try adding a sense urgency or possibly a question.

Google, Friend or Foe?

If you’re an online publisher, Google should be driving over 50% of your traffic

It’s a love hate relationship with Google. On one hand, you need Google to like your website to drive traffic. On the other hand, it seems no matter how hard you try your website is not moving to page one What’s an online publisher to do?

The number one challenge we see is impatience. Google, like any healthy relationship, takes time to develop and nurture.

The Mequoda Group has coached dozens of publishers using the Mequoda Method. It requires 12-18 months to get everything in place and to begin to see results. However, once established, even small tweaks can make an impact in a short period of time.

Online Publishing Book Review: Content Rich by Jon Wuebben

Finding a Balance with Online Publishing – The Free vs. Paid Conundrum.

Your book is done. Your website is up. How do you build book sales and web traffic simultaneously? How do you determine how much of your book is available online without purchasing it? After all, this is a business not a hobby, right?

Online Publishing Book Review: Get Content. Get Customers. by Newt Barrett and Joe Pulizzi

Let’s focus on the third activity – email newsletters. If you want to turn subscribers into customers (and isn‘t that our goal) take notes. You’ve got to stop treating your emails like a lowly sales flyer. It can, and should, be so much more. View them as a tool where the reader finds value and wants to go back to your website for more.